Epic Games recently unvaulted the Bouncers in "Fortnite Battle Royale." This "trap" item was first introduced to the game in Season 4 with the v4.30 Content Update and it was the first trap item that could be placed on ramps. Players used it for mobility, trickshots, and fall damage. Unfortunately, the item had been vaulted with the v6.00 patch, and for almost four seasons, it was only available in the Playground and the Creative mode.

The v10.40 brought the Bouncer back to the popular video game and players have already found some new ways to use it.

The latest Bouncer trick was shared by Reddit user lulShine who showed how to use this trap item to gain an advantage over an enemy and surprise them. This trick works very well and not many players have seen it so far, which is why not a lot of them don't know how to defend against it.

The trick is amazing

There are a lot of different ways to phase through enemies' builds in "Fortnite Battle Royale," and the Bouncer trick is similar to them. By using this trick, players can get through enemies' walls to get an easy elimination. While this is something that can be done without the trap item, using the item increases the chance of getting into the enemy box and it also boosts players further away.

To do the trick, players have to play the Bouncer on the floor on one side of an enemy box. After placing the trap down, players have to build a ramp over it, then simply jump on it. With a ramp over the Bouncer, players will keep repeatedly bouncing between the trap, the ramp, and the enemy wall, so all they have to do is to use their pickaxe to take the enemy wall down.

After taking the wall down, players can easily get into the enemy box as they will keep getting bounced a few times every second, which is very hard to defend against.

In the video shared by the player, the enemy tried to replace the destroyed wall, but it was not successful. In most cases, the enemy will not be able to replace the wall since the bouncing speed is simply too high and the enemy has to react extremely fast to even get a chance to place a new wall.

The season-ending event

Season X is coming to its end and its season-ending event is going to happen on Sunday, October 13, at 2 PM Eastern Time. The season has brought several massive changes to the video game, including Rift Zones, so it will be interesting to see what Epic Games has preparing for the next season.

The event will be big and players will be able to watch it live in the game on Sunday. At the moment, there is a countdown timer above Dusty Depot, and when the timer hits zero, the event will begin. Players are hoping for a new map in Season 11 as there have been numerous hints about it so far.