Epic Games has announced another update for "Fortnite Battle Royale," which will be released on September 11, 2019. The v10.30 Patch is going to bring some big things to the popular video game, including massive map changes, gameplay changes, bug fixes, and possibly a new item. In addition to this, players are expecting new cosmetic items, including the "IT Chapter Two" collaboration items.

The "Fortnite" creator recently made big gameplay changes, and we can expect more of them in the upcoming update. The turbo building nerf had been eliminated, but Epic Games is working on tweaking it, and we might get more changes for it on September 11.

Furthermore, two old locations will return to the game, and this is something many "Fortnite Battle Royale" players are excited about.

Big changes to the in-game island

Epic Games has introduced players to Rift Zones in Season X of "Fortnite Battle Royale." These zones are unique as they bring old locations back to the map. So far in the season, the video game developer released a couple of Rift Zones, including Tilted Town and Retail Row. What makes these zones unique is not just their look, but also their unique features. For example, players are not allowed to build or break structures in Tilted Town, while Retail Row has zombie spawners.

Right now, there are two rift beacons in the game, and they have been recently activated.

Whenever a rift beacon activates, that means that a new Rift Zone will be created. Epic Games has activated rift beacons at Paradise Palms and the frozen lake where Greasy Grove used to be.

The frozen lake will most likely bring Greasy Grove back in a Rift Zone, while Paradise Palms will be replaced by Moisty Mire. There have been leaks about a location called Moisty Palms, so there is a chance that the unique feature of the upcoming southeast zone will be the mix between the desert and the swamp.

However, we don't know this for sure, and we still don't know anything about a potential feature of Greasy Grove.

Pandora is going away

The Pandora Rift Zone was released because of the "Borderlands 3" promotion by Epic Games. Besides the zone, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players could also obtain "Borderlands" cosmetic items from the Item Shop.

Additionally, there was a special set of challenges players were able to complete to earn free cosmetic items, including the exclusive wrap.

However, the Rift Zone will disappear with the v10.30 patch. Epic Games had previously announced that the zone would be available until September 10, which means it will be replaced by something else with the patch. Considering that it's located close to where Moisty Mire used to be, there is a good chance it will be turned into a swamp.