Capcom has released a new trailer for Iceborne, the much-awaited expansion for the action role-playing game "Monster Hunter World." The new trailer highlights the return of the fan-favorite monster, the Zinogre, and the new water-type Elder Dragon Namielle. In addition to the new trailer, Capcom is also releasing an Iceborne beta test and a free Guardian Armor set.

According to US PlayStation Blog, Iceborne expansion will be launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on September 6, and on PC via Steam on January 2020. Iceborne is the only major expansion update that planned for the studio’s action role-playing game, according to Capcom.

However, Capcom will continue to support Iceborne with some additional free downloadable content after its official launch in September.

In addition to the new trailer, the official Monster Hunter Youtube channel will also release a live stream on Monday about the upcoming beta test. The planned beta test will start from August 30 to September 1 for PlayStation 4 console and on September 2 to 4 for Xbox One console.

What to expect from the new expansion Iceborne

Based on the newly released video, the Iceborne expansion focuses on the return of the fan-favorite monster, the Zinogre. The rare dog-type monster was first introduced in 2011, and since then, has become one of the most popular game characters in the "Monster Hunter" franchise.

Zinogre brings an awe-inspiring electric power, known as Zinogre Shockers.

As reported earlier by Anime News Network, this new Iceborne expansion will also introduce new hunting areas, new quest ranks, monsters, moves, equipment, and some additional story contents, which takes place after the events of the main game, World.

The new expansion will feature a wholly new environment, a Tundra-like place, which will bring challenges like moving across the snow-covered fields. This new place will also force players to deal with the devastating effect of the extreme cold weather. Fortunately, Capcom is also providing new tools and equipment to help players in their new environment.

The new Iceborne looks great, with its new biomes, monsters, and story content. But hunting those beasts will be more difficult and challenging now. There will be more intense battles as what Capcom has promised in their previous announcement. Overall, this latest update is also about monsters like Zinogre and the new monster Elder Dragon Namielle.

Iceborne gets a beta test before its official launch

Before its official September launch, the new Iceborne expansion will receive a few last-minute beta phases. The first one, for those players using the PS4 console, will start from August 30 to September 1. The second phase will run on the Xbox One console from September 2 to September 5. The beta test will also bring a mysterious, new monster called Velkhana.

Additionally, Capcom is also adding a Guardian Armor set as part of a free update for all Monster Hunter players. This free update will arrive on September 4, as posted on US PlayStation Blog.

Watch the new trailer below to get more about the new Iceborne expansion.

Developed and published by the Japanese gaming company Capcom, "Monster Hunter World" is an action role-playing game and a part of the Monster Hunter franchise. The game is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.