Team Ninja, the Tokyo-based video game developer, this week revealed the first batch of screenshots and key artworks for the much-anticipated "Nioh 2." But the most interesting and exciting part of the revelation is the special announcement from Team Ninja creative director Tom Lee. Along with the screenshots, the director also confirmed a demo of the game at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show next month.

In the PlayStation Blog, the game’s creative director Tom Lee wrote more detailed information about what the players could expect from the upcoming action-adventure video game.

First, he shared the latest key visual showcasing of the game’s new protagonist and then he confirmed that the game’s central character will be a “Half Breed.” He explained that the character will be part human with the extraordinary power of the Yokai.

The journey of this samurai warrior, according to Lee, will take place during the Sengoku period, a treacherous period in Japanese history marked by never-ending conflict and social upheaval. Lee ended the blog post with a promise of some truly intense action. Check the recent Twitter posts by Team Ninja and PlayStation.

The Tokyo Game Show and the planned demo

The upcoming 2019 Tokyo Game Show (TGS) will be a three-day gaming event, featuring some of the latest and fresh news in the gaming world.

The event will run from September 12 to September. The huge gaming event is expected to bring a number of game developers and publishers, along with their fresh announcement about their upcoming titles.

Right now, it still unclear what the planned TGS 2019 demo will entail or how close the game to launch. There still no words on whether or not the planned demo of the game will be made available to PlayStation Network.

Team Ninja remain tight-lipped and has no plan to detail everything on specific.

As for the release date, "Nioh 2" is still in development and there were no official words coming from the game developer Team Ninja or publisher Koei Tecmo. But many gaming analysts believe that "Nioh 2" will be released sometime in early 2020.

About Nioh and Nioh 2

Developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo and Sony Interactive Entertainment, "Nioh" is an action role-playing game set during the dark ages in Japan history. The game was first introduced worldwide in February 2017 on PlayStation 4 console. A sequel, "Nioh 2," is now being developed and polished at Team Ninja’s studio.

Like the previous "Nioh" game, the sequel offers also intense action and brutal experience, with some unique features and improvements made. The recent Nioh 2 alpha demo, which was played by more than 50,000 players, revealed a solid 60fps along with very impressive HDR upgrade and some welcome refinement. Overall, the upcoming action-adventure game "Nioh 2" promising new gaming experience. Check out the closed alpha gameplay trailer below.