Bungie this week announced the latest details about the upcoming cross-save feature, including release date and the upcoming launch of "Destiny 2" on Google Stadia. The long-awaited feature is set to hit the first-person shooter game on August 21.

In a recent blog post, Bungie said that "Destiny 2" players will be able to start accessing their Guardians across multiple gaming platforms on August 20. The studio is launching the long-awaited feature ahead of the planned release of the October update, the Shadowkeep. The new feature will allow players to take their PS4 or Xbox accounts and migrate them to the PC account, and vice versa.

How the new feature works

On their website, Bungie discussed the process of activating the cross-save feature. After the account has been activated, players can start linking their gaming accounts (PC, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live) into a single account. This provides a more simplified gaming experience, allowing the players to move from platform to another.

Bungie made some clarification about selecting a dominant group. The studio said that if players select their dominant group, their other characters won’t disappear, and that character would simply stay in the game. The studio also points out that players will always access their selected dominant characters by logging in to their "Destiny 2" account.

However, there are some few restrictions made. First, the cross-save feature won’t allow sharing of different contents across platforms. Instead, a player who has multiple accounts in various gaming platforms will just need to determine which account from which gaming platform they want to use or play. Second, the player won’t be able to move game purchases or buy in-game currency from gaming platform to another platform, likely due to the different platform cuts in place for different operators like Microsoft and Sony.

This means that players also need to own any expansion content they want to use on the gaming platform they’re playing on. Third, there will be no cross-platform play to start, which means that there will be no Crucible multiplayer matches on the PC version with PS4 players. Players will get more about this new feature and its restrictions when they visit the Bungie’s cross-save page.

New feature also included on upcoming Destiny 2 on Google Stadia

As mentioned earlier by gaming website The Polygon, Bungie has already posted answers in their cross-save FAQ page, answering the most frequently asked questions from the users. The gaming studio also added that the cross-save feature will also include the Google Stadia version of the "Destiny 2" game. This platform is scheduled for launch later this year, according to The Polygon. Unfortunately, Bungie hasn’t mentioned anything about the original "Destiny" game, whether the first "Destiny" game will support the new feature.

"Destiny 2" is currently available on all gaming platforms, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The multiplayer first-person shooter game is also set for release on Google Stadia later this year.