Fortnite” players are pretty much aware of the upcoming cosmetics in the game now that these have been leaked by dataminers a few days ago. Limited time modes (LTM) were also found within the game files and it may well seem that Epic Games has a lot of these to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

18 LTMs

Known “Fortnite” dataminer FortTory (@FortTory) recently took to Twitter to reveal what he uncovered within the battle royale shooter’s game files. If his leaked information is anything to go by, it looks like Epic has devised a plethora of LTMs for the game – 18 game modes to be exact.

The leaker even managed to get the description/mechanics for each of the yet to released LTMs:

  • Tank Battle

Both of the player’s health and shields are drastically increased. However, there will be no healing items on this one as it will be replaced with siphon (health granted on elimination).

  • Tag!

Not Team It – Avoid the Red Team at all cost

Team It – Players will pickaxe the Blue Team to convert them to the Red Team.

  • Loadout Swap

All players will be getting a new loadout and it will continue to change throughout the match.

  • Strategic Structures

The health of both metal and stone walls has been increased, though both resource cap and resource farming rates have been reduced.

  • Team Rumble: Lava LTM

Dangerous lava rises gradually from the lowest parts of the map.

Players will have to loot and gather materials as fast as they could to start building up and stay away from the lava.

  • Team Rumble: Siphon LTM

Eliminating an opponent on this game mode will be rewarded with 50 health/shield

  • Storm Chasers: Surfin’ LTM

Players will be using Impulse Grenades to bounce opponents into the storm. They have to race against the storm and other players to win the match.

  • Purple Reign

All of the weapons will drop as Epic, not to mention that farming rates for building materials are increased. Storms, however, will be a lot faster.

  • Power Up

Per the description, the game mode will be played in two phases. First, respawn on elimination will be turned on and using shield items will increase a player’s max shield capacity.

Respawning will then be turned off after some time and this will prompt everyone’s shields to be fully recharged automatically.

  • Builder’s Paradise

Structures built by players will have drastically increased health. Neutral building is enabled for players to edit structures regardless of team affiliation. Drop rates for building mats are also upped to allow as such building as possible.

  • Heavy Metal

Only Heavy weapons inside loot boxes

  • Use with Care

Players will be given building mats at the beginning of the match without the ability to acquire more throughout the match.

  • The Blues

Rare weapon drops only. Storm circle has faster movement and building farming rates are increased.

  • Team Splashdown

Two teams will be fighting for that Victory Royale using water balloons.

The first team to get the target number of eliminations wins.

  • Leave None Behind

All players will a slurp effect giving them health and shields provided that all members of the team are still alive. Knocked down players become invulnerable to damage. However, the team’s heal-over-time effect will turn into damage-over-time.

Be reminded, though, that these leaks are not yet confirmed to be officially released in the game and should be taken with some pinches of salt.

New skins

Another dataminer and YouTuber Ventyrus uploaded several gameplay clips showing some yet to be released skins that were included in the V9.30 update. The skins include Singularity, Doublecross, and Dare.