Next few weeks are going to be very exciting for "Fortnite Battle Royale" players as Epic Games has prepared a lot of new content for the game. "14 Days of Summer" event has begun on June 25 with the release of the v9.30 content update, and it has already brought some new things players can enjoy. As the "Fortnite" developer promised, there will be a new limited-time game mode every day during this event, along with many other great things.

During the summer event, players will be able to complete exclusive challenges to earn free cosmetic items.

Besides this and limited-time game modes, one weapon will be unvaulted for 24 hours every single day, allowing players to use some of the older weapons that have been removed from the game. The first new limited-time game mode has been released and players are able to play it on day one of the event.

Splashdown limited-time game mode is now active

Splashdown Squads is the first LTM that was added with the "14 Days of Summer" event in "Fortnite Battle Royale." This mode is all about summer fun and the goal of it is to eliminate the opposing squad with the new Water Balloon item.

The limited-time game mode has respawn enabled and players are primarily able to damage their enemies with the Water Balloon.

The first team that reaches goal score is a winner, and the game mode also has a custom victory royale screen, just like Air Royale and Wick's Bounty.

Considering that there will be many new game modes added to the game during the summer event, we can expect the Splashdown LTM to be active for only 24 hours. There is no doubt that Epic Games will return it to the game if it becomes popular among players, just like it has been the case with the Wick's Bounty LTM.

However, it is unknown if and when it will be added again, so players should use this chance to play it and have fun with their friends!

Other game modes that are coming

Epic Games has released details about every other limited-time game mode "Fortnite Battle Royale" players will be able to play during the summer event. Most of these modes are new and unique, and there is no doubt that some of them will be extremely popular in the community.

Some of the more interesting mods include the Tank Battle, which will be the LTM that will increase health and shield pools for all players. Siphon will also be activated in this mode and ammo will be increased. Another interesting mode the Headshots where players will have to hit headshots in order to damage their enemies. Regular hits will not be registered.

The Wick's Bounty game mode will also be brought back during the event. It will return in the Duos variant, but its exact release date is currently unknown.