"Fortnite Battle Royale" developer Epic Games has managed to turn the video game into a worldwide sensation thanks to numerous updates and valuable tournaments. No other game receives as many updates as "Fortnite" does, and that is a big reason why it's so popular. Besides new items, Battle Pass rewards, and map changes, the game developer has also released a couple of in-game events that have been witnessed live by players.

Epic Games has used these events to introduce players to some changes in the game, such as the destruction of Tilted Towers at the end of Season 8.

Polar Peak, the area which was added to "Fortnite Battle Royale" with Season 7, has had a few smaller events in the past few months. It all started with the snow melting which resulted in the reveal of the Prisoner and the Ice Storm event at the end of the season. Surprisingly, two seasons later, this area is still receiving changes and will have another big event.

The monster is swimming around the island

A few weeks ago, the "Fortnite" developer added an eye under the Polar Peak castle, which indicated that there is a monster under it. There were also strange noises and the ground shakes in this area players were able to experience. When the v9.20 update came out, the Polar Peak castle has disappeared.

It looks like it collapsed under the iceberg as players can now see the ruins of it near the frozen lake that covered Greasy Grove.

The eye has also disappeared and it is unknown if it has something to do with the castle destruction. However, a few "Fortnite Battle Royale" players have noticed the castle close to the main island.

The castle was "swimming" in the ocean, and many players believe that the sea monster is carrying it on its back. After all, it doesn't make any sense that the eye simply disappears from the game, so we believe that it will play a major role in the event later in the season.

At the moment, there are not many details about the event.

We know that it will be called the Cattus event and that it will be linked to the Polar Peak castle and the monster. However, the exact time of the event hasn't been revealed by Epic Games. Considering that the majority of big events happened during the last two or three weeks of the previous seasons, Season 9 most likely won't be an exception.

The video of the castle

Reddit user createdbyeric has captured the footage of the castle/monster swimming in the ocean around the "Fortnite Battle Royale" island. The player has used the replay tool to record a video of this event, and it is currently unknown whether this was supposed to happen or it was simply another visual glitch. You can watch the video of this short event below.