Season 2 of "Apex Legends" is going to be amazing and players can't wait for it to come out! The second season is scheduled to be released on July 2 and Respawn Entertainment has revealed some fantastic details about it. There are many new additions to the popular video game, including a brand new Season Pass with improved rewards, major changes on the map, a new legend and a new weapon, and much, much more.

Season 1 was rather disappointing and it could be called a failure. The update did not bring many changes to the game and the Battle Pass was really bad as most of the rewards were simply useless.

However, it appears that the "Apex Legends" developer has learned a lesson, and we are going to get a fantastic update for Season 2. On June 28, the game creator has revealed that challenges will come with the Season 2 Battle Pass, which is going to be another great addition.

Season 2 challenges

The Season 2 Battle Pass of "Apex Legends" will bring a variety of daily and weekly challenges which will help players level up. Season 1 leveling was relatively slow, which is something that will be improved in the second season. Players will get three challenges every day which won't be too hard to complete. For example, one of the challenges will be to deal 200 damage in the Bunker or play a match as Lifeline.

There are reportedly over 200 different challenges which will be randomly assigned to players.

In addition to daily challenges, "Apex Legends" Season 2 Battle Pass owners will have two different types of weekly challenges. The first type will be challenges that will unlock every single week and every set will contain seven challenges.

These tasks will be aimed towards long-term completion as they will ask of players to complete things such as looting 100 Epic items or earning several eliminations.

The second type of weekly challenges will be the same every single week. "Apex Legends" players will have to complete 10 daily challenges and earn 9,000 Stars or Match XP to fulfill the requirements.

This type of weekly challenges will reset every week, which means players will be able to complete them all over again. Players who start late will somehow be penalized as this type of challenges will not be available to them, unlike the first type.


Season 2 Battle Pass will use the Stars system that will basically be XP used for the Battle Pass alone. Players will earn Stars for completing daily and weekly challenges, and some tasks will give an entire Battle Pass tier for completing them. This is almost identical to the system Epic Games has designed for "Fortnite Battle Royale," so anyone who is familiar with that game should know how it works.