"Fortnite: Battle Royale's" latest update v9.20 finally said farewell to one of the major landing spots on the map. That's right, Polar Peak is gone. Though the point of interest still appears on the map, the Ice Castle on the location is no more. The Ice Castle played a major role in the "Fortnite's" season seven lore and the Ice King event also happened at the same place.

Ever since Polar Peak was struck by the volcanic rock in season eight, one side of the mountain had been left with cracks. A series of tremors in the current season resulted in a landslide at Polar Peak that revealed the eye of a humungous Ice Monster which was trapped in the ice.

Where is the Ice Monster now?

The destruction of Polar Peak happened right after "Fortnite's" patch v9.20 went live and there were no events before it. The one-eyed monster that was trapped in the iceberg has also escaped and players are trying to find out where the monster went.

A large chunk of the Iceberg, along with the Ice Castle, has been destroyed and only a few building remains at the Polar Peak, so there isn't going to be much loot in that area now, although the wrecks at the bottom of the iceberg have some loot chests.

The monster has left giant footprints on the map and players can spot the tracks near the southern side of the Viking Village.

The Ice-creature has made its way to the western side of the map and has destroyed trees and buildings along the way. Here are the footprint marks on the map:

"Fortnite" data miner FortTory has revealed that the monster is probably hiding in the water and new leaks from the latest update suggest that a new event revolving around the ice monster is going to take place soon.

The leaker has found some audio files, which were labeled as "Cattus," that hint that the monster might be swimming in the water. Here's the sound:

The leaker has also suggested that players should keep an eye on the water at the western side of the map because there's definitely something about to happen there.

The leaker also managed to get their hands on a new 3D model called "Ice Castle" that is related to the Cattus event.

Possible monster figure

RIght after the monster escaped its prison, a few players have presented some convincing theories regarding the figure of the monster. According to one player, a one-eyed monster was already leaked back in season 8. The player has tweeted an image from the cinematic trailer of season 8 which shows a giant monster in the water at the western side of the map.

All features of the one-eyed monster match with a giant octopus or Kraken, except that the monster left footprints instead of tentacle marks, so there are still some questions left about the figure of the monster. Whatever the case might be, an event is definitely going to take place soon which will finally reveal the monster.