Destiny 2” players are well aware of the leaks that came out prior to Bungie’s huge reveal. One of these leaks includes the cross-save feature that was later on announced by the developer during their recent livestream. That said, they’ve made some clarifications about it as their player base is already asking on how will it work once it is rolled out.

Berbach on D2’s cross save

The entire “D2” community is elated about cross-save finally coming to the game, though there still some who are having qualms about it. Someone on Twitter stated that he’s musing as to how the feature would work and pointed out what he calls “unique cases with unique problems:”

  • Players owning expansions on one platform versus several
  • Multiple Guardians on multiple platforms
  • Loot on one platform, but not another and vice versa
  • Merging of accounts

“D2” Lead Producer Jared Berbach addressed the fourth bullet stating that no there will be no account merging, though they are gathering feedback about it.

He further explained that players will just have to choose one of their current accounts as it will be their official cross save account. He went on stating that the chosen account can now be played on any platform alongside its loot, characters, and triumphs. Another player asked if it will keep synchronizing constantly in the background once a player has chosen his/her cross save account (obtaining an item on PC, logging in on a console the same day, and using it during an activity without taking extra actions) to which Berbach responded positively.

Getting those Menagerie gear

Meanwhile, Guardians are now acquainted with the game’s new six-man activity – the Menagerie where players are given the chance to choose the gear they earn with the help of the Chalice of Opulence.

With the right combination of runes, players can get their preferred items that are available on the said activity. “D2” YouTuber Ninja Pups uploaded a video showing to obtain weapons such as the Beloved, the Austringer, Drang, and the Calus Mini Tool:

  • Austringer – Rune of Desire (green) on the first slot and any red rune on the second slot
  • Calus Mini-Tool – Rune of the Beast (purple) to both first and second slots
  • Beloved – Rune of Jubilation (purple) on the first and any red rune on the second
  • Drang – Rune of Pride (green) and Rune of the Beast (purple)

The YouTuber even detailed the steps on how to perform the Menagerie chest loot farm for Guardians who have a lot of runes to spare. Reddit user u/JpDeathBlade, on the other hand, posted a spreadsheet over on r/DestinyTheGame where it shows all of the possible rune combinations including the rewards players can get.