The “Destiny 2” player base is back on the grind now that Season of Opulence is now in full effect. Just a week from being released, players are already discovering power gear and mod combo that would help them beat the game’s new six-man activity – the Menagerie and the Crown of Sorrow raid event.

“Destiny 2” YouTuber Cheese Forever recently uploaded a short clip showing how to increase the effects of the Dawnblade’s Well of Radiance. According to him, this works well on both Leviathan raids and the Menagerie.

Emperor’s Blaze + old Leviathan raid item

Players will be needing either an Emperor’s Blaze mod on their armor or an old Leviathan raid class item to do the trick. For the uninitiated, the former grants players an additional 25 percent Solar ability damage from while on the Leviathan. Hence, whenever this mod is equipped, this will also increase the Well of Radiance effects by another 25 percent to all of the player’s weapons. Imagine if each member of the fireteam equipped themselves with old Leviathan class items alongside the mod.

Infinite shield breaks + one-man crystal break

He also uploaded another video dubbed infinite shield breaks and a one-man crystal break cheese for the Crown of Sorrow raid.

Reddit user u/ProWujuExBlack was among the first to discover this stating that the Anarchy Exotic grenade launcher is pretty much OP in the new raid.

To perform this, one of the players need to have the Exotic grenade launcher equipped. In breaking the crystal, it needs one blessed and a non-blessed (can also work the other way around) team member to shoot it.

That person will then jump towards the crystal and destroy it with the help of the Exotic’s pulse damage.

Cheese added that the method will allow Guardians to break the Deception’s Shield as many times as they can during the buff window with one a single buffed player (around five to six breaks). This will also enable players to do a one-man crystal break during the raid as this can help manage the Witch’s buff and Gahlran’s Deception.

Wendigo cheese

“D2” YouTuber – Glitchtutorial, on the other hand, showed a quicker way on how to earn those grenade launcher multi kills for the Vanguard Pinnacle Weapon - Wendigo GL3. Per his recent upload, the trick requires a fireteam composed of three players. They just have to keep loading strikes until they get The Corrupted. Instead of running the strike, the team must head over to the Blind Well and keep playing the horde-mode style event as the eliminated enemies will count as progress on the Wendigo quest.

Meanwhile, there are players who have found a way to glitch out from the map to explore an unreleased area in the game. They believe that this could be part of the Bad Juju quest which is a returning Exotic from "D1."