Last few days have been exciting when it comes to esports and one of the most popular "Fortnite Battle Royale" players. Turner Tenney, better known as Tfue, has decided to surprise FaZe Clan, his esports organization, with a lawsuit, claiming his contract is oppressive and one-sided. This has caused a lot of drama in the esports community as one side of it supported the popular streamer, while the other one believed his team has done nothing right.

This fight between Tfue and FaZe has lasted for a few days before the gamer asked the team to release his contract.

Ricky Banks, the owner of the team, said he would do it, claiming that he has nothing to hide. However, after the contract was released and its details have been revealed, even Banks himself admitted that it was horrible. However, Tfue was offered a better contract eventually, according to the owner of FaZe, but he has not accepted it.

The contract is horrible

In his lawsuit, Turner Tenney claimed that his organization takes up to 80 percent of his revenue. On the other side, Banks said that it is actually Tfue who gets 80 percent of revenue and that the team hasn't even taken the 20 percent that belongs to them. According to him, the team has only made $60,000 from the streamer since he joined it in April 2018.

Banks' response made Tenney release his own public statement as well. The popular "Fortnite" streamer has uploaded a two-minute YouTube clip, requesting the organization to release his contract. “What’s in this contract is so bizarre, it’s so f***ed. I wish you guys could see this thing,” Tfue says in the clip. “This contract basically allows FaZe at any point in three years to just f***ing take all my hard earnings and all my hard work, and just strip it."

One day later, the contract was released, and it turned out that Tfue was right all along.

FaZe Clan was entitled to 80 percent of the revenue made from sponsorship deals, and the team would get 50 percent from other sources of revenue, such as the Support-A-Creator program in "Fortnite Battle Royale."

It appears that another popular streamer, Ninja, was right as well. He said there was a possibility that FaZe Clan was owed a lot more money and that they could collect it at any time. However, the $60,000 figure was just the revenue they have collected so far.

Banks admits the contract is not good

Ricky Banks has admitted that the contract is horrible, but he has removed the tweet about it. According to him, the esports team has offered the stream another contract with zero percent revenue splits, but the two sides could not come to an agreement, which has eventually resulted in a surprising lawsuit.