"Fortnite Battle Royale" developer Epic Games is preparing another weapon for the popular video game. Data miners have found the new weapon in the game data released with the v9.10 update, and it turns out that it is another submachine gun. This weapon will be slightly different from other submachine guns, however, since it will not be fully automatic. It will be interesting to see how the community will react to this weapon and if it will be balanced.

Data miners have also found some additional details for this weapon, including its model, sounds, and its stats.

This weapon is not going to have a Legendary variant, but it appears that even its worst variant, which is Common (gray) will be decent. The weapon won't deal a lot of damage from medium and long range, but it should be good enough to eliminate enemies who are close.

Burst SMG stats

The Burst Submachine Gun will come in three rarities: Common (gray), Uncommon (green), and Rare (blue). The Common variant will deal 23 damage per shot and its fire rate will be 3.4 bullets per second. The reload time of this variant will be 2.47 seconds and just like every other SMG in the game, the weapon will use Light Bullets.

The Uncommon variant will have a base damage of 24 with the same fire rate as the Common variant, but its reload time will be shorter with 2.36 seconds.

Finally, the Rare variant of the Burst SMG will deal 25 damage per shot and its reload time will be 2.25 seconds.

In comparison with the Rare Suppressed SMG, the new weapon is much closer as the Suppressed SMG shoots nine bullets per second.

The Rare Burst SMG deals only one point of damage more than its counterpart, but the overall DPS is much lower. Its DPS is only 85, while the suppressed variant has a DPS of 216.

Looking only at the stats, it is hard to say why anyone would pick the Burst SMG over the suppressed one. However, there is a chance that the upcoming gun will have certain perks which will make it a better option.

For example, its headshot bonus might be higher than 2.0x, which is a standard headshot multiplier for submachine guns.

Release date and Heavy Shotgun

Epic Games has not yet revealed when the Burst SMG will be released. However, we can expect it to come out on either Tuesday, May 28, or Wednesday, May 29. Considering that Epic Games usually releases weekly updates on these two days, the next one most likely won't be an exception.

Beside the Burst SMG, the "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer will probably bring the Heavy Shotgun back in one of the future updates. This shotgun appears in the Season 9 loading screen, along with the Tactical Assault Rifle. Epic Games has added all the weapons and items from the Season 8 loading screen to the game, so we can expect the same thing to happen in the current season.