Epic Games released a set of weekly challenges for "Fortnite Battle Royale" on April 18. These are Week 8 challenges for Season 8, and there will only be two more sets of weekly challenges released in the season. Once again, free players have gotten three challenges in the set, while Season 8 Battle Pass owners have access to all seven weekly challenges.

Battle Pass owners have two tasks which reward them with 10 Battle Stars each, while the free category has one such challenge. Reddit user thesquatingdog has released a cheat sheet that can help players finish these challenges quickly and easily.

Completing Week 8 challenges also rewards players with the special Battle Pass skin called Ruin. The requirement for unlocking this skin was completing 55 weekly challenges, and considering that Epic Games releases seven challenges every week, players had to wait until Week 8 to get the skin.

Free challenges

There are three weekly tasks for free players and they are all very easy to complete. The first task requires players to visit Paradise Palms and find a signpost in this area. The second one rewards players with Battle Stars for using vending machines in three different matches. The final task is to deal damage to players while using at least one balloon. This can be done easily. Especially in big-team modes.

The last challenge yields 10 Battle Stars, and all of these challenges are available to every "Fortnite Battle Royale" player, regardless of whether they own Season 8 Battle Pass.

Battle Pass challenges

This category of weekly tasks is slightly more difficult, but there are no challenges that players should have troubles completing.

The first task requires players to find seven jigsaw puzzle pieces in caves and under bridges. The second task is about dialing Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit numbers by using telephones on the island.

The two final tasks are all about eliminating enemies. One of them requires players to eliminate seven enemies in total at Dusty Divot or Lucky Landing.

This can be done easily by landing at these two areas or by simply playing big-team game modes that have the respawn enabled. The final task is about eliminating an enemy from 50 meters or further. This is another easy challenge that can be easily completed using sniper rifles or medium-range weapons such as assault rifles.

The cheat sheet

The week sheet by thesquatingdog can help you complete all of these challenges much faster and unlock the exclusive skin. The jigsaw puzzle pieces challenge is one challenge that could require the most time, but it can be completed in one game using the cheat sheet. There are also more challenges coming.