There has been a lot of skepticism about what Sony has planned when it comes to the arrival of a new console. There have been rumors for years about when the new system will arrive for the public. Other companies, such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and even others plan on making their own consoles to battle PlayStation. Fans just got some exciting news about the details of the new PlayStation 5 console with a lot of grand promises and stuff never done before.

The details

One details that fans can truly appreciate is the announcement that the upcoming system will be backward compatible and be able to play PS4 games.

According to Complex, a system architect, named Mark Cerny, stated in a meeting with Wired that the system will be backward compatible, so gamers will be able to play their favorite PS4 games on the new console.

The ability to play other games from a prior system on a newer console is big news, as Microsoft has made a name off of it. Other than that, there were other interesting details about the PS5. It will sport some of the best graphics in 8K resolution. Anyone knows that 4K resolution is pretty clear as is. They believe that they will be able to do this by an advanced graphics card, processor, and an eight-core CPU with a Ryzen chipset. In other words, the newest system will be very powerful with quick loading times and beautiful graphics never seen before on a console.

Audio a main focus

Although the PS5 will be backward compatible, have advanced graphics, and have quick loading times, Sony has made the audio the main priority. Sony plans on it being very different from the PS4. Mark Cerny was quoted on the sound. "A frustration that audio did not change too much between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

With the next console, the dream is to show how dramatically different the audio experience can be when we apply significant amounts of hardware horsepower to support it.[sic]"

Games and other aspects not mentioned yet

Sony has left out what kind of games will be coming to the PS5, although there is still a lot of time left before it arrives.

"Apex Legends" has been a popular game for gamers with new buffs to characters. According to Forbes, they believe that the biggest secret weapon will be a hard drive that will be much faster than its predecessor. For example, the article lists that the PS4 game "Spider-Man took" 15 seconds to load. For PS5, the plan is to have it load in less than a second at 0.8 seconds.

Forbes lists other important information, as they believe that the PS5 will cost around $499, which is $100 more than the debut of the PS4. Microsoft made a console in the Xbox One X for that price. Sony could make similar advertisements.

The biggest statement in the Forbes article is that the PS5 will surely not be launching this year.

However, the article points to the speculation that it can surely come in 2020, seven years after the PS4. With what Sony has done in the past, many believe that it will arrive in November 2020, during the holiday season. The article notes that both the PlayStation 3 and 4 arrived in November and that gives some speculation as to why they believe it will be the same for the newest member in the PlayStation family.