A lot of “Destiny 2” players may have already acquired the game’s returning Exotic – the Thorn, as they are blasting enemies away and at the same time claiming their souls with its Soul Devourer perk. That said, Guardians have recently noticed what other players deem as the hand cannon’s hidden perk whenever they encounter a specific enemy in the game. An exploit was also discovered in the Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun that grants players more ammo.

Thorn’s hidden talent

Players may already be aware of the Thorn’s hidden ability as it was already brought to light on Reddit and YouTube.

In a clip by Cheese Forever, it can be seen that its bullets can penetrate through a Taken Blight’s shield as the YouTuber explained that it’s the side effect of the weapon’s piercing rounds. In a slow process, it allows players to take out this type of enemy from a distance.

This so-called secret perk from Thorn does not work on Vandal bubbles and Goblin rays. As for phalanx shields, the YouTuber said that players can add damage over time to Taken phalanx shields and regular phalanx shield crit spots.YouTuber More Console also covered this Thorn ability and believes that it’s the only weapon that can pass through Blight shields as he claims to have tried other weapons (Le Monarque, Jotunn, Wish-Ender, and Malfeasance).

A shotty exploit

Cheese also uploaded another video that talked about an exploit using the Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun, where it gives the weapon more ammo. Per the video, players will just have to equip themselves with either an Escalation Protocol shotgun or a fusion rifle before loading into an activity. After they’ve loaded in, they can now switch to Lord of Wolves thus giving them 35 more bullets.

After the recent shotgun changes earlier this month, the Lord of Wolves became more usable as it was given more DPS as compared to Legend of Acrius. The YouTuber said that it is significant since the weapon uses special ammo adding that it does damage quicker than heavy ammo making it a very useful weapon in both strikes and Gambit.

He further explained that it is due to the weapon having a higher critical hit multiplier than any other shotgun.

In other "D2"-related topics, players over on the game’s subreddit have been requesting to add countdown timers on both Kill Clip and Rampage as they believe that every other buff in the game already has countdown timers except for these two. They also sent out their feedback regarding the hand cannon bloom on consoles, as they stated that the only hand cannons that feel good on consoles in PvP are the 180s.