Early this month, Studio Wildcard announced that they’ll be rolling out another installment of “ARK: Survival Evolved’s” Easter-themed event dubbed “Eggcellent Adventure’s.” That day has finally arrived nd Survivors will be out in the field collecting those Bunny Eggs from those wild Bunny Dodos. The new content will also bring in several game tweaks and fixes to both PC and console.

Eggcellent Adventure

According to the latest Community Crunch blog post, the event will run from April 16 until the 30th and the collected eggs can either be painted or be used as a Cooking Pot recipe to craft some of the new skins (Marshmallow Dodo hat and the Chocolate Bunny Club), that will be rolled out as soon as the event goes live.

Old skins like the Knitted Chick Hat, Procoptodon’s Bunny Costume, Bunny Ears, and the Egg Shell Hat are also making a comeback.

Patch notes for both PC and consoles were also posted. Alongside the above-mentioned skins, Wildcard also added these changes:

Wild Bunny Dodos and Oviraptors

  • 50 percent of these creatures are the Bunny type (33 percent of wild Aberrant Dodos on Aberration)
  • Both animals cannot be tamed
  • The Bunny Oviraptors will drop an Easter Candy that can be fed to a Survivor’s tame for a “fun festive effect.”
  • The Bunny Dodos will be dropping Easter Eggs

The patch also stated that wild creatures will have the chance to spawn additional colors (yellow, blue, green, magenta).

On meshing

The latest Community Crunch even provided an update regarding the rampant meshing in the game.

According to Wildcard, the upcoming patch will have a significant amount of improvements on the said front. They added that since prevention is their preferred approach in combating the issue, bugged items that grant players access to certain areas behind the terrain are their gameplay team’s priority lately.

Wildcard pointed out that Survivors who are in what they call “unintended areas” are clearly violating their Code of Conduct, adding that they take such instances very seriously.

They also mentioned a so-called “mesh detection tool” that provided them with new information that enables them to take action quickly and efficiently.

Meshing was even mentioned in the patch notes:

  • Hole fixes across the maps of Scorched Earth, Island, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, and The Center (PC)
  • The Desert Titan will now require line-of-sight before they could do melee or lightning damage (both PC and consoles)
  • The devs have prevented cryoing the Karkinos while they are carrying something (both PC and consoles)
  • Iteration on metrics (PC)

They also fixed several exploits in the game that are related to:

  • Fish baskets (PC and consoles)
  • Stacking physics impulses (PC)
  • Rockwell Tentacles (PC and consoles)
  • Tek swords (PC and consoles)