Epic Games will release another update for "Fortnite Battle Royale" before Season 8 ends, preparing players for when the season ends. There will be at least two events that will happen in the game, and one of them will give players the choice of bringing one of the vaulted weapons back to the game. This will not be the only item change before the end of the season, however, as the game developer will release a new item with the next update.

Epic Games announced a new item using the in-game news section.

The new item will be a Shadow Bomb, the item that was leaked a few weeks ago by data miners. This will be the last item added to the game in Season 8, and players will have a chance to try it this week.

The Shadow Bomb

"Into the Shadows" is the headline Epic Games used in the news section to introduce the new item to "Fortnite Battle Royale" players. "Stealth and utility make for a surprise," is the news feed description, indicating that this is going to be another type of a smoke grenade. Epic Games added a Smoke Grenade with the v1.9.1 patch in November 2017.

This was only two months after the came out, but, unfortunately, the item has been vaulted.

Epic Games removed the grenade with the v3.5 patch since not enough players were using it. Even though this item was useful in certain situations, many players used it either to joke with their friends or to just escape from gunfights. Epic Games revealed that the item could return to the game at some point.

It seems that five seasons later is the right time for its return.

Considering that the item is the Shadow Bomb, we can expect it to be an upgraded version of the original Smoke Grenade. Epic Games added Shadow Stones in Season 6, so the new item may be similar to it. The stones allowed players to become almost invisible and phase through buildings. In addition to this, they made players move much faster.

The new item could potentially make players move faster or at least slow their enemies down.

One of the biggest problems with the original Smoke Grenade was the smoke that surrounded both friendly and enemy players. While this item did provide players with an advantage, it was not as good as it was supposed to be, which is why it was eventually removed from the video game.

The patch release

At the moment, it is unknown when Epic Games will release the next "Fortnite Battle Royale" patch. Players are waiting for the official announcement from the developer, but I expect it to be released on either Wednesday, April 30, or Thursday, May 1.

The patch will most likely be released at 5 AM ET and it will require a client update.

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