Apex Legends” players are pretty much aware by now about the game’s Battle Pass that was briefly spotted over on Origin’s website that was immediately removed. With that in mind, Community Manager Jay Frechette took to the game’s subreddit to address the slip-up adding that more intel will be rolled out regarding Season 1, Battle Pass and even the next Legend, but not today. Players have also stumbled upon a game-breaking exploit that allows them to perform quick melee attacks.


A minute-long clip was recently uploaded over on YouTube showing this so-called fast melee kick exploit that makes a quick work of other players in “Apex.” The video was also posted over on r/apexlegends and has been gaining traction among its member.

Per the video, it can be seen in the first part that the player (the one using the Legend Bloodhound) was able to perform roundhouse kicks to his enemy in rapid succession that lead to elimination. The player continued to get several more eliminations before he was eventually taken down.

Dexerto also covered the story and they stated that the exploit is very easy to do during a match. To perform the exploit, one must choose a Legend that has an ultimate that can be canceled after it gets activated (Lifeline’s Care Package or Bloodhound’s Beast of Hunt).

Once the ultimate is all charged up, players need to press first the melee button before canceling its animation using the ult button. By repeatedly pressing these buttons in that order, it will make the Legend perform quick roundhouse kicks that will eliminate other players.

On data mined stuff

Going back to the community manager’s Reddit post, Frechette also addressed the contents that were data mined within “Apex’s” game files. According to Frechette, albeit it being fun to dig up and speculate about the data mined contents, they should not be treated as a source of truth. He added that there’s stuff that’s quite old.

He further explained that there are things that they’ve tried in the past but some of them did not make the cut. Frechette even reminded their player base that their design process is to prototype and play lots of ideas, adding that some of them could be things that they’re still building up for the game.

That said, a lot has been data mined within the game files which include yet-to-be-revealed weapons like the L-STAR LMG and the Havoc Rifle. There was even a list of what many believed to be names of upcoming Legends in the game, though these have yet to be confirmed by Respawn.