Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale shooter, “Apex Legends,” became an instant hit and raked in millions of players in just a short period of time. That said, in order to keep its popularity, there was a weird petition that recently surfaced that wants to ban YouTube’s biggest star, PewDiePie, for no apparent reason.

The petition was posted over on, though it was already taken down from the website. Dexerto managed to take a screenshot of the petition showing who initiated it, alongside his reason why he wants to get the popular YouTuber banned.

Per the OP, PewDiePie “ruined everything he touches” adding that Pewds playing “Apex” “would be a death sentence for such a promising game.” The petition only gained 280 signatures out of its 500 target mark before it got removed.

The petition

For the uninitiated, PewDiePie has a segment on his channel, known as Meme Review, where he reviews and rates the latest memes that have been circulating on the web. The featured memes would later be deemed as dead memes, which led to Pewds earning the title of meme killer.

Back in February, as a last-ditch effort to widen the subscriber gap between him and the Indian YouTube channel of T-Series, PewDiePie did what his nine-year-old army though would never happen, as he played “Fortnite” on livestream.

It became one of the most watched, as the livestream peaked at 300,000 concurrent viewers. Coincidentally, this was also the time when Respawn surprised the gaming world, as they officially released “Apex Legends” and it quickly rose to fame and caught the attention of gamers.

Dexerto also stated that even if the petition gained traction and hit its goal, it is very unlikely that both Respawn and EA would care about it.

Banning PewDiePie from playing “Apex Legends” for no valid reason would be a “monumental PR disaster.”

More to come

Meanwhile, Respawn has officially introduced Octane as the latest addition to the roster of Legends in the game. This, alongside the announcement of the game’s first season dubbed as Wild Frontier. It may well seem that Octane won’t be the only character to be revealed for Season 1 if’s “Apex” page is anything to go by.

The description also hinted at a new weapon that will be introduced in the game as the current season progresses. Details about these upcoming contents are still difficult to come by, as of late, though there are potential leaks that recently went out.