Epic Games has released the v8.20 patch for "Fortnite Battle Royale" on Wednesday, March 27. The patch was relatively big in terms of what it has brought to the game, and players are not very satisfied with it. The video game developer has made some huge gameplay changes with this patch, and one of the biggest changes was the addition of the ranked mode players are able to use to qualify for the World Cup.

Beside changes that have hit live servers, Epic Games has also added a lot of hidden files to the game data. These files have been recovered by data miners, and thanks to them, we now know what the developer will release to the game in the near future.

There will be a lot of new cosmetic items released to "Fortnite Battle Royale" in the next two weeks, including the special Lava pack.

v8.20 added cosmetics

Once again, the "Fortnite" developer has released a bunch of cosmetic items to the game data, and these items will all be released within a week or two. The v8.20 patch has added the "Floor is Lava" limited-time game mode, and the lava-inspired skins will be released to the store soon. Beside skins, players will be able to obtain new gliders, back blings, and more.

As you can see in the tweet above, there are 10 new skins that have been added with the latest "Fortnite Battle Royale" update.

These skins include additional styles for Moonwalker and Mission Specialist, which are Season 3 Battle Pass skins. In addition to these skins, there are two legendary skins, Molten Battle Hound and Molten Valkyrie. These are parts of the special Lava set, the same set that includes Molten Valkyrie Wings (comes with the purchase of the latter skin), the Molten Crested Cape, and the Lavawing.

Considering that Epic Games has recently released the Frozen Legends pack, we can expect the lava cosmetic items to be included in a special bundle as well. In addition, there is a slight chance that the game developer turns these into customizable styles for Battle Hound and Valkyrie, but that is very unlikely.

More customizable styles

Epic Games has released a lot of new customizable styles for existing "Fortnite Battle Royale" skins in the last few weeks. A lot of these styles were for Battle Pass skins, which is great news for previous Battle Pass owners. It appears that the "Fortnite" developer will keep releasing more styles for older skins, which means players will get these customizable styles for free.