"Tom Clancy's The Division 2" is finally out and on the market for everyone. After an increasingly common staggered released, earlier this week, the standard version hit the Sony PlayStation 4, the Microsoft Xbox One, and PC on Friday, March 15. As a way to celebrate the full launch, Ubisoft Massive took the title offline on Saturday morning in order to squash some bugs and make some adjustments that were geared towards making it harder to exploit the materials that are found in the open world shooter. Surviving in this world is supposed to be difficult and Ubisoft worked to assure that with the latest fixes.

'The Division 2' loot drops exploit

Ubisoft Massive took the step of going offline for a few minutes, though it was unscheduled maintenance. That's likely because they realized that as more players joined the open world game, there were going to be even more players who took advantage of any exploits they could find.

The most pressing issue was the fact that players were finding that every now and then, they could repeatedly loot a supply drop. This is especially problematic when talking about playing in areas like the Dead Zone. This was giving some an unfair advantage when they entered into PvP encounters.

To some degree, it was also allowing players to progress a bit too quickly even when they were just going about their missions in the PvE stages.

It appears there were quite a few other bugs that have popped up since "The Division 2" was fully launched. Since the servers are now back online, it appears Ubisoft believes it has fixed whatever caused the drops not to reveal that players had already grabbed what they were supposed to grab.

Other bugs squashed in 'The Division 2'

While the supply drops were among the worst of the issues Ubisoft Massive wanted to fix, there were quite a few other bugs that the developer was hoping to stomp out when it put the title through maintenance earlier Saturday morning. The company detailed some of the other problems that grabbed its attention in a blog post on its official website.

Among the most pressing were:

  • A fix that should reduce crashes when players are using skills
  • Being stuck in the wrong World Tier after completing Strongholds the right Gear Score in a group
  • Talking to agent Kelso at the Castle Settlement
  • Map progress not being saved when doing open world missions in another player's game.
  • Being able to buy the same blueprints over and over if the user bought the print, then logged out and logged back in again.