"Fortnite: Battle Royale" just had a major season 8 update yesterday which introduced The Baller vehicle, a bubble-like machine, similar to the one seen in "Jurassic World," equipped with a large range grappler and a boosting mechanism that flings players across the map. Aside from all the changes announced in the official patch notes, there were a lot of other cosmetic items that were leaked by data miners and a new weapon was also in that list. The new weapon found in the game files, a Flintlock pistol, has been before players all along.

The new Flintlock pistol in Fortnite

As the current season of "Fortnite" is set in a nautical setting revolving around pirates, it makes perfect sense for Epic Games to add a weapon that matches the current theme. The new weapon was teased, from the very beginning of season 8, in the loading screen and the pistol can be seen held by Blackheart.

As you can see, the loading screen reveals a total of four new items and two of them have already been released in the game. The Treasure Map is held by Sidewinder, whereas The Baller vehicle can be spotted on the left side of Ember.

The third item is probably going to be the Flintlock pistol and finally, the Bow held by Ember is going to be the fourth addition to season 8. There might be some other hidden clues in the loading screen about the upcoming content in "Fortnite" because it's only the second week of the eighth season.

The audio files related to the Flintlock pistol reveal that they are similar to the vaulted Revolvers and are a close ranged weapon, like shotguns.

The design of the weapon also suggests that its ammo capacity is also going to be low, but it's definitely going to compensate for its short range and low ammo capacity with high damage. Here are the audio files:

If you pay attention to the audio files, you'll notice that there are two files with "Insert Tube" in their description.

These sounds suggest that the new pistol might be a single shot weapon and it requires some sort of reload mechanism after each shot, something like the Heavy Sniper Rifle. The reload animation of the new weapon has also been leaked by a data miner:

There is no official date for the release of this weapon, but now that it has been added to the game with the latest patch, we can expect it to appear on the in-game news in a couple of days. The bow is expected to be added to the game a couple of weeks after the release of the new Flintlock pistol.