"Fortnite Battle Royale" has just received another update and players are excited to try it out. Despite a small size, the update has added a lot of new things to the game, and Epic Games has posted all the changes in the patch notes. The v8.10 patch was released on Tuesday, March 12, at 5 AM ET, and one of the biggest changes that it has brought is the inter-console matchmaking pool.

One thing that makes "Fortnite Battle Royale" special is the crossplay functionality. The video game is available on hundreds of devices, including gaming consoles, mobile phones, and tablets.

Fortunately, Epic Games has enabled the crossplay functionality for it, allowing players to play with and against each other despite their platform. The latest patch has further expanded this functionality, and console players can now play against their rival console by default.

Inter-console matchmaking pool

Just a year ago, the PlayStation-Xbox crossplay functionality was nearly impossible. Sony, who has a giant market share in the console market, did not want to partner up with Microsoft, just like Microsoft did not want it in the last decade when Xbox 360 was a hot-selling console. Thanks to "Fortnite," things have changed, and the two companies have agreed to let their customers play in the same lobbies.

The v8.10 patch marks the beginning of the PlayStation-Xbox battle as Epic Games has released another form of the matchmaking system with it. The video game developer has combined Xbox One and PlayStation 4 pools, which will result in shorter matchmaking queues and more playlists. "Motivating factor is unlocking optimization potential allowing us to run more playlists during more hours of the day while supporting more data center locations.

Please provide us with feedback on your experience!" is what the game developer posted in the v8.10 patch notes.

Beside this big change, Epic Games has combined mobile and Nintendo Switch player pools. It is important to note that "Fortnite Battle Royale" players have to opt-in for the crossplay functionality to be matched up with other platforms.

More changes

The "Fortnite" creator has released numerous changes with the patch. This includes a big change to vending machines, nerfs to the Heavy Assault Rifle, and a brand new in-game vehicle! Epic Games has also announced a $100,000 "Fortnite Battle Royale" tournament which will happen later this week.