Bungie has revealed in their recent TWAB post their future plans for “Destiny 2’s” Enhancement Core economy and the players base is not happy about it. The blog also announced the return of the Iron Banner event as they introduced a couple of new consumables in the game mode dubbed the Iron Burden and Wolf’s Favor. The developer also addressed other issues and concerns about the game that were brought up by their community as these include Banshee’s inventory, the Eververse, Iron Banner, and a Reddit post about prioritizing fun over balance in “D2”.

Upcoming changes in 2.2.1

A member of the r/DestinyTheGame subreddit recently made a post about Banshee-44 still dropping random world drops in the game to which Dmg responded that an upcoming tweak will be rolled out in update 2.2.1. According to him, Banshee’s inventory will be focusing on Gunsmith weapons adding that the dev team will also be looking at re-tuning some costs for his various packages and items for sale. He also revealed in another Reddit post that the Crimson Days issue with Lord Shaxx is planned to be fixed in the above-mentioned April update. As for the Invitations, he stated that players will have through Thursday to complete the invitation after 2.2.1.

On Eververse sets

Another Reddit user brought to light his concerns regarding Eververse sets to be pulled from Collections.

Per Dmg, they’ve been talking about it even before Forsaken and added that an issue that came up was the “possible exploits around various perk setups that could be pointed at as pay to win,” not to mention that it would break some of the limitations of other sets.

Fun over balance

Dmg also took notice of another post on the same subreddit where the OP pointed out some of Bungie’s “poor decisions” (Enhancement Cores included) in the game and suggestions on how to make it better.

The OP went on stating that if Bungie wants to make those cores to be rare, the developer should offer unique and good perks that would make the grind worthwhile and at the same time removing them from the infusion.

Not this season

As mentioned, this season’s first Iron Banner will kick off next week alongside two new consumables. He also reminded players over on Twitter that progress towards Thorn and the Recluse is expedited whenever they win on either competitive or IB matches. However, he also tweeted out that IB armor will not roll with enhanced perks in Season of the Drifter.