Respawn Entertainment has managed to get over 50 million players to play "Apex Legends" in its first month. The game had three million players only 24 hours after its release, and it has been getting more and more popular since then. While it's still relatively new, "Apex Legends" has managed to break some huge records and achieve impressive milestones, and that should happen even more when the first season comes out.

The video game creator had announced that Season 1 would be released in March. Even though we haven't gotten an official release date for the season, many players are excited to see what will be added with it.

Thanks to data miners, we now have some information about the upcoming season and the Battle Pass which will contain cosmetic items for the popular video game.

Progression system info

Battle Pass is a progression system which was made popular by Epic Games and "Fortnite Battle Royale." The "Fortnite" developer released the first Battle Pass in 2017, giving players a great opportunity to earn a lot of cosmetic items. The first release of it had around 70 rewards, but Epic Games has improved it and players can now earn over 120 rewards through this system.

Respawn Entertainment has decided to do a similar thing with "Apex Legends," and the first Battle Pass will be introduced with Season 1. Just like in "Fortnite," owners of the pass will be rewarded with cosmetic items and a special bonus.

As you can see in the tweet above, character skins will be included in the Battle Pass.

The same data miner has revealed that players will likely have to spend around $10 to buy the Battle Pass, which is a fair price, in my opinion.

It appears that Battle Pass owners will also get a special icon.

In addition to this, something called a "Details Box" will be released with it. At the moment, it is unknown how many rewards Respawn Entertainment will add to this progression system, but we should get more information about it very soon.

Season 1 of 'Apex Legends' is just around corner

While the "Apex Legends" developer hasn't revealed the official release date of Season 1, data miners claim that it will be Tuesday, March 12. This makes sense, considering that the developer announced that the first season would come out in March, and there will be three more seasons released in 2019. There is no doubt that the popular video game has a bright future, and its first season could decide its fate.