Studio Wildcard has officially announced that their dino-themed survival title - “ARK: Survival Evolved” has finally landed on Nintendo Switch. Alongside its release is a new PC update (v287.110) that brought in a new set of changes and bug fixes within the game “Extinction” DLC.

Titans got quite a number of tweaks for this patch as one of them include an increased starvation time (~30 minutes to over an hour). It was also stated that the consumption of Kibble will no longer increase food for these massive creatures.

Titan tweaks

The Desert Titan also received several tweaks:

  • During a boss fight, flocks will now have the ability to dismount riders.
  • Flocks are no longer able to hit through terrain and buildings.
  • The new patch also prevented restrained players from moving on the Titan.

The same thing goes with the Forest Titan:

  • Wildcard rolled out a fix on an issue where it hits things through ground terrain.
  • Its arena wyverns will now take damage from the Titan.
  • After the Forest Titan despawns, trees can now be cleaned up.

Others were also updated

Other creatures in the “Extinction” DLC also got an update one of which is the Managarmr.

Per the patch notes, the creature’s stamina regeneration got a slight buff alongside an improved ice breath accuracy. As for their offspring, the update will now allow players to train them to behave better, not to mention that these babies will no longer lose their patience when following.

A couple of fixes were deployed on the Velonasaur’s spines where there’s an issue with it not appearing on non-authoritative clients and another where it can shoot through shields. Regarding its head whip ability, it can no longer harvest bodies nor can it shoot through walls. It was also stated that these dinos can now ground flyers slightly quicker than they used to.

Meanwhile, Corrupted Dinos got a damage buff while dealing with those Tek Shields, though they will now de-prioritize flier targets.

It was also indicated, in the patch notes, that Corrupted Wyverns will despawn whenever they go further from an Orbital Supply Drop or a completed Element Vein. A tweak was also added involving how these creatures teleport as there is now a fade out.

Both the Gasbag and Snow Owl’s melee attacks were somewhat improved as they are now much better at hitting things.

The former now also allows its rider to fish from them. The Gacha got a couple of fixes for its sadness over not resetting in SP and for the dummy items getting left in its inventory.