Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale shooter, “Apex Legends,” was a surprise hit among BR players as it attracted millions of them within a short period of time. With its massive popularity, it is expected that it will be compared to Epic’s behemoth - “Fornite” for comparison. However, big Twitch streamer Ninja recently gave his two cents about it stating that the two titles can’t be compared.

Apex AND Fortnite

Not only did Ninja give his opinion about this topic, but he can also be seen playing both games in his recent live streams. According to him, “it is not a question of Apex or Fortnite, it's Apex and Fortnite” adding that one can like more than the other.

Pointing out that both games are well-received by the gaming community, he said that he prefers Epic’s BR shooter over Respawn’s latest title.

Ninja further explained that “Fortnite” has a lot more to offer, right now, as he highlighted the game’s cross-platform capability and can be played from wherever the player is. The streamer went on saying that he’s been playing a lot of “Apex” lately due to the fact that it’s a fresh release adding that both games offer different playstyles. However, Dexerto noted that another well-known Twitch streamer and “Fortnite” pro, FaZe Tfue, is a bit worried that other streamers are leaving “Fortnite” due to “Apex Legends’” popularity.

Upcoming Legends and weapons

Meanwhile, data miners may have just dug up some upcoming “Apex” content. If the screenshots are anything to go by, new Legends are bound to enter the fray alongside their potential abilities.

A couple of possible Legends, that got leaked, have the monikers Wattson and Octane, though these have yet to be confirmed by Respawn. Other names that are believed to be upcoming characters in the game include:

  • Crypto
  • Skunner
  • Husaria
  • Rosie
  • Jericho
  • Rampart
  • Nomad
  • Prophet

Gaming Intel also uncovered a couple of unreleased weapons in the game – an SMG dubbed as “C.A.R.” and a so-called “Proto Hold Beam.” The former has been with the “Titanfall” universe as it was present in both first and second games.

However, the latter may well seem to be a new weapon and according to its description, the weapon has the ability to drain energy from robotic targets so that this energy will be redirected towards an enemy. That said, this may be a bit confusing as players are well aware that the only robotic targets in the game right now are the loot ticks and Pathfinder.