Bungie recently revealed on its TWAB post that the changes being made in future updates for “Destiny 2” include the Titan Skating exploit, where it allows players to “exceed the bounds of expected Guardian movement speed.” The developer also stated that the Titan’s Exotic headgear – the One-Eyed Mask – will also be getting a nerf in early March. Other issues that were noted in the game and were brought to light by players include spawn killing, separate balancing of both PvE and PvP, and rocket launchers.

Someone from Bungie Forums recently expressed his ire toward spawn killing, adding that it needs to stop.

The player even recalled the times how he got eliminated by other Guardians using this method and the instances in the game where he’s just running and an opponent suddenly shows up in his crosshairs.

Trying to improve

Per Cozmo’s response, it was stated that locating a safer place to spawn in the game is something that they’re trying to improve. He even asked the player base what maps they think have more problematic spawns to see what they can do about it.


The community manager also addressed “D2’s” balancing system. This, after someone from the forums, deemed it as an epic fail and requested to have the game’s PvE and PvP be separated in “D3.” According to Cozmo, they do make changes that only affect PvE in certain cases.

He further explained that they don’t want both abilities and weapons to feel drastically different whenever Guardians go from one activity to another. He assured them, however, that the suggestion will be passed along.

Rocket launchers

Another suggestion that the community manager took note of was a pitch from a Reddit user over on u/DestinyTheGame.

The post was asking Bungie if it is possible for Guardians to get rocket launchers with more than one rocket back. Just like the first two, Cozmo replied that he’ll let the team know about it.

Meanwhile, a new TWAB post was rolled out on February 14.

It announced the final installment of Lord Saladin’s Iron Banner event for the Season of the Forge. This is the last chance for Guardians to get the Iron Fellowship armor set before it gets refreshed in the upcoming season. Both Hero’s Burden SMG and Crimil’s Dagger hand cannon will still be available, though, next season, as either a reward from Saladin or post-match drops. This season’s final Iron Banner will kick off on February 19 and last until February 26.