With speculations of the next generation console starting to rise, questions on when can the gaming world anticipate its release as well as what exactly can we expect from the upcoming PlayStation 5 are flooding the Internet. Over the years, fans have read leaks on the release date, but Sony has been very discrete on confirming or denying anything. Fortunately, devs and analysts just would not stop discussing about the next iteration of the Japanese console. They recently revealed some bits and pieces of the information that they have gathered themselves.

Latest news

Marc-André Jutras, Technical Director of Cradle Games lately sat down with the people at GamingBolt to talk about the future or the PlayStation 5. According to Jutras, fans might no longer see 16GB of RAM. He said that most titles do not utilize that much RAM after all. He predicted that the next iteration would have a RAM between 8 and 12 GB. The Technical Director further said that the next generation most probably will have a significant amount of cores. He added that he would not be surprised if the console would be something like Ryzen 2600. Jutras noted that this kind is cheap, very stable and has a good number of cores.

Predicted changes

He also shared what he thinks will be revised in the upcoming system.

He said that one possible change would be having more focus on the VRAM. Jutras added that it is the large bottleneck nowadays if you want great 4K games since 4K frame buffer consumes massive space. He went on saying that if you have a 4K buffer, you will need four times of the RAM.

He also said that gamers might no longer see shared RAM space just like with the PlayStation 4.

He foresaw that there would be more VRAM to back 4K as well as 5K. He added he would not be surprised if the next console that will be released by Sony will have 8 GB of RAM and 8 GB of VRAM.

It is definitely very interesting to hear experts talk about what they expect about the next generation of console. However, as long as Sony has not yet released any information or confirmation about their next iteration, talks like these will continue to pop up and flood the Internet.

So far, the only thing that was revealed about the next generation console from Sony came from Kenichiro Yoshida in his interview with the Financial Times. It appears that Sony might not be using the name PlayStation 5 for their next console. It is possible that they might give the next console a distinct name just like what Microsoft has done.