There’s still a lot of stuff to do in “Destiny 2,” albeit the fact that its holiday event – The Dawning – has come to a close. One of them is the Black Armory raid activity – Scourge of the Past – that is set within The Last City’s deserted areas. That said, players have discovered a method that would make the activity a whole lot quicker to complete. There is also a new Iron Banner bug.

The Scourge Phase 1 cheese was first discovered by Twitch streamer Phammy and the steps on how to do it were detailed by Reddit user u/aussie_halo. One of the good things about it is that Guardians don't have to run around completing it.

How to do it

Per the Redditor, three players will have to position themselves around the plate, punch their respective symbols, and then defend it. The next step is that they need to hold the same position and not eliminate the Servitor up top. They must then wait for about 20 seconds before punching the now-closed plates. According to YouTuber Cheese Forever (who also uploaded a video about the method), it's still the same symbol, even though the terminal is closed. That said, any time after 20 seconds it will give Guardians a 2x buff. Also, there is a new farm method for collecting dusklight.

After all that, the team can eliminate the Servitor up top, and spawn their tank. Cheese further explained that the method will trim down the number of Servitors that are needed to be eliminated by half, and players are not required to run around that much during the raid.

The YouTuber added that the Guardians up top are only required to eliminate one Servitor per tank.

Easy Ablaze Glory triumph

In line with this, Cheese also uploaded a video detailing how to easily obtain the Ablaze Glory triumph (Fast and Unwieldy) in the game. In his short clip, he stated that this trick requires six players and one of them will be assigned to do the buttons.

To do it, reach the end, but don’t open the chest just yet. The player who reached the chest must eliminate himself when the team spawns in. The team will then have to run toward the chest at the same time for them to get the No Deaths triumph.

Meanwhile, Xur is back at it again, selling his merch in the EDZ inside the Winding Cove.

The Exotics that he’s offering are listed below.

  • Celestial Nighthawk (Hunter helmet) - 23 Legendary Shards
  • Sanguine Alchemy (Warlock chest armor) - 23 LS
  • Dunemarchers (Titan leg armor) - 23 LS
  • Graviton Lance (Exotic Pulse Rifle) - 29 LS
  • Isochronal Engram - 97 LS

Remember that the merchant's inventory caps out at 631 if the Guardian is already at 650.