Over the past year, the “Pokemon GO” community days have been one of the most popular and interesting events in the game. According to Game Revolution, the event was introduced by Developer Niantic as an opportunity for players in different parts of the world to meet up in their local parks, make new friends, share new ideas on how to battle and capture the creatures in the game. Plus they could play the game together, thereby experiencing what it means to be a part of the “Pokemon GO” community.

In order to make the event more exciting, Developer Niantic offers bonuses such as double XP, three hours Lure Modules, a special pokemon with an exclusive move, faster egg hatching, and many more incentives.

This special monthly event takes place in different parts of the world, in all kinds of weather and seasons.

The previous Community Day events

Starting with the first and working our way down to the upcoming Community Day, here’s what the game has offered so far. January 20, 2018, Pikachu with the exclusive Surf move was featured. Also, players had an increased chance of catching the Shiny variant of the pokemon. During the celebration, other bonuses such as double XP and three hours Lure Modules were offered. The second celebration featured the Dragon Type Pokemon Dratini and its shiny family. Other bonuses such as triple Stardust and the ability to evolve a Dragonite with Draco Meteor were offered to players.

The March 15, 2018 “Pokemon GOCommunity Day featured Bulbasaur and its shiny family, three hours Lure Modules, triple XP, and an increased chance of evolving a Venusaur with' Frenzy Plant.

The April 15, 2018 event featured Mareep and its shiny family, one quarter walking distance for Eggs, and an increased chance/ ability to evolve the Generation two monster into Ampharos with Dragon pulse.

On May 19, 2018, Pokemon Chamander and its shiny family were featured. Also, players had an increased chance of evolving Chamander into Charizard using Blast Burn. An additional bonus of triple Stardust was also offered. June 16, 2018, featured Larvitar and its shiny variant and the ability to evolve it into Tyranitar using Smack Down.

In addition, triple XP for catches were offered. July 8, 2018 featured Squirtle and its shiny variant, Sun glasses Squirtle, one quarter walking distance, and the ability to evolve the generation one starter into Blastoise with Hydro Cannon.

The August event was held on two consecutive days, 11 and 12, and featured Eeeve with an exclusive Last Resort move, its shiny variant, Eeveelutions, and triple stardust. The September 22, 2018 celebration featured Pokemon Chikorita and its shiny variant, triple XP, and the ability to evolve the pokemon into Meganium using Frenzy Plant. The October 22, 2018, Community day featured Beldum and its shiny family, one quarter Egg hatching distance, and the ability to evolve it into Metagross with Meteor Mash.

The November Community Day featured Cyndaquil and its shiny family, double XP, double Stardust and the ability to evolve Cyndaquil into Typhlosion using Blast Burn. The December Community Days event lasted from November 30, 2018, through December 2, 2018, and had so much more to offer players. The special event featured all of the pokemon from each Community Day and their exclusive moves. Other bonuses such as double XP, double Stardust, and double Incubator effectiveness were offered.

January 2019 Community Day

This would be the first Community Day event this year. According to Express, the event will feature Totodile and its Shiny family. However, the Special charge move and the evolutions for this Pokemon is not yet known. In addition, bonuses such as one quarter Egg and the ability to catch plenty of rare Pokemon three hours Lure Modules will be offered.