In the world of gaming, remastering old games is gaining traction. That is why when NetherRealm Studios recently released a viciously striking new trailer for “Mortal Kombat 11,” many fans speculated that the studio might be up to something amazing. The latest rumor is that a “Mortal Kombat Trilogy” is currently being remastered. To add more fun, rumors have it that it will be for Nintendo Switch users.

The announcement of 'Mortal Kombat 11'

A few days ago at the Game Awards 2018, Game Rant reported that Creative Director Ed Boone of NetherRealm Studios confirmed that one of the most anticipated games, “Mortal Kombat 11” is currently in production.

In fact, he revealed that it is scheduled to be released in April 2019. This news brings joy and excitement to the fans of one of the longest-running fighting titles as it is going to have a sequel.

Remastered in the works

However, many people are still wishing that the older versions of some of the titles in the series will be remastered. If the recent rumors are true, then fans can expect a remastered title to be released next year. According to YouTuber named Doctre81, in the future fans will enjoy a remastered version of “Mortal Kombat Trilogy.” The uploader added that this title will be released not only to Nintendo Switch but also to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The YouTuber believes that Blind Squirrel Games is currently working on remastering a secret fighting title.

There are three titles from the 1990s that the studio is currently working on. He speculates that the project could probably be the most-awaited “Mortal Kombat Trilogy” because of the description of the work. It states that Blind Squirrel Games is working on a title with a progression system that links three individual titles into one experience.

In addition, he notes that the design of the level, as well as the scripting of the gameplay, was made by Unreal Engine 4. More importantly, it seems that some of the extra works were already made for the project. This includes creative writing of the back story, documentation, and descriptions of the environments for each level.

Blind Squirrel Games is yet to make a comment on this recent speculation about the remastered title. At the moment, talk about the remastering of the popular fighting trilogy game is still a rumor. There is no way that the details revealed by the YouTuber are already confirmation of the project. Also, fans have no definite ways of knowing whether “Mortal Kombat Trilogy” is indeed currently remastered.