Season 7 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" has brought numerous new things to the game. The map has received huge changes and players can now use two additional ways of traveling across the map. For the first time in "Fortnite" history, players can fly planes, and they can also move around the island using zip lines. Epic Games has mostly received negative feedback for these two new features, which is why they will be changed in the next update.

The problem with airplanes is the fact that players are not penalized for being reckless with them. Smashing planes into the ground has no negative effect on players who are controlling them, and there is almost zero risk of flying planes in "Fortnite Battle Royale." Zip lines are an interesting addition, but there have been a lot of bugs with them, and this is something that will change soon.

I am pleased with that.

Upcoming 'Fortnite' changes

Epic Games' community coordinator, Sean Hamilton, recently revealed what the next "Fortnite Battle Royale" patch is going to bring. It is important to note that the video game creator has already nerfed airplanes, which is what happened with the v7.01 patch. Players now take 25 damage when their airplanes are destroyed, so there is a small risk of using these vehicles. However, most players agree that 25 damage is simply not enough.

The v7.10 "Fortnite" patch will increase this damage from 25 to 50, making it riskier for players to use planes. Additionally, 50 damage will only be applied to health, which means that even if players have 100 shield, they can be knocked down or eliminated if they have under 50 hit points.

This effect is similar to the effect of a Stink Bomb.

Sean Hamilton has also revealed that the developers "have a BUNCH of bug fixes for the Zip Lines coming in v7.10 as well." Considering that many players have experienced some game-breaking glitches with zip lines, this is going to be a welcome addition. After the patch, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players should no longer be getting teleported to different places after using zip lines, nor should they get disconnected from the magnet while using them.

Epic Games has yet to comment about the potential penalty when players crash their planes into the ground, but it won't be surprising if we get this change in the next update as well.

Patch release date

The v7.10 patch is expected to be released on Tuesday, December 18, at either 4 or 5 AM ET.