Fortnite’s” V6.31 patch has ushered new content into the game which includes the new Pump Shotgun and the limited time mode dubbed Team Rumble. The recent update also brought in some glitches in the battle royale shooter and the players seem to like it.

One of the glitches that players have come across with is an emote glitch that allowed them to emote while they are moving. Reddit user u/PoisonDart8 was among the players who discovered it and even suggested in his recent post that they should keep the glitch in the game. YouTuber OrangeGuy even provided a short tutorial on how to replicate it:

  • Start off the glitch by using a revolver (though the Redditor pointed out that the trick can be done using any weapon besides snipers and explosives).
  • Go to settings and start making a bind for “repeat last emote.”
  • Shoot using the Revolver.
  • Reload, aim in and press the bind for the emote dance.

OrangeGuy’s two-minute clip also showed that the glitch can be done with other emote dances aside from the T-Pose.

Tracking down those Supply Drops

Another YouTuber – Opularity – also stumbled upon a simple trick in tracking down those Supply Crates in “Fortnite” BR. The story was also covered by Dexerto who stated that the patch enabled players to “assign the marker action to a keybind.” Per Opularity’s video, it showed his character looking and then pointing his crosshairs at the falling crate before pressing the marker keybind.

The publication also noted that console players can also try this trick since the game allows custom binds on those platforms. Opularity even suggested that both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users should assign it on their respective D-pads if they want to try out this method.

Stopping Supply Drops mid-air

In line with this, another glitch was also discovered by players involving these Supply Drops. If u/wocketywack’s post is anything to go by, it looks like balloons can literally hold these drops in mid-air. The 20-second clip showed how the Supply Drop came to a complete halt when it made contact with the item.

Meanwhile, Epic has already teased “Fortnite’s” seventh season where the developer tweeted out an image of what players call a Lich King-looking figure. An interesting detail within the image was also noticed by players as they spotted a small skiing/snowboarding fellow on the right shoulder of the image. From the looks of it, Season 7 might introduce a new ride in the game and fans believe that it could be a snowboard.