Epic Games, the game developer of “Fortnite,” recently launched a special event that will reintroduce the revised Limited Time mode side by side with the daily rewards. This event is launched to celebrate Christmas. The event, called 14 Days of Fortnite, consists of 14 unique challenges. Nearly all of the information in this article was provided by the website Fortnite Insider, which is a great resource for everything about the game.

Some more information

Several “Fortnite” data miners initially leaked some of the rewards and LTM that they discovered in the game files.

A horde of leaks revealed on December 18 showed several LTMs. I also want to share that Season 7 challenges have also been leaked. The event has already begun, but I want to share what I think is taking place each day, based on the information I found on Fortnite Insider. Below is a breakdown they graciously provided.

The 14-day event

Day 1

The challenges are teams of 33 and classic.

Day 2

The second set of challenges are teams of 33 and Siphon, which is a solo challenge. In Siphon mode, all the healing items are removed. The only sure way to get shields and health is to eradicate your opponents.

Day 3

The challenge is called Team Terror (50v50). In this challenge, monsters overran the Battle Royale Island.

A couple of teams will fight for it while the Cube Monsters join in the fray. Eliminate the other team to get a Victory Royale. Another challenge on Day 3 is the Icey (solo). In this challenge, players will acquire fixed ice cubes on their feet. These ice cubes are similar to the ones made by the Freeze Traps.

Day 4

Team Terror (50v50).

Barebones (Squads), in this mode, several features of the HUD are switched off along with the compass, map, and storm timer among others. The key to achieving a Victory Royale is to determine who is friendly during the battle and to stay away from the storm.

Day 5

Disco Domination is composed of teams of 32. In this challenge, you need to take over the dance floors while crushing your opponents.

The first team to top their meter by catching and defending the dance floors gets the victory. Another challenge is the Sniper Shootout (Duos).

Day 6

Disco Domination composed of teams of 32 and Close Encounters (Squad). The game starts as normal, however, over time, the speed of the storm increases. In this mode, the only weapons that you can use are jetpacks and shotguns.

Day 7

Team Rumble consists of a team of 24 and Solid Gold (Squads).

Day 8

Team Rumble composed of teams of 24 and Score Royale (Duos). It this mode, you have to gather points to be victorious. Whoever gets the most points wins.

Day 9

Food Fight consists of a team of 16 players. In this challenge, you need to shield your mascot from the opponents.

It features limits on ammo and building materials. This means you have to utilize natural shields and select your shots to win.

Day 10

Food Fight (teams of 16) and Sneaky Silencers (Solo).

Day 11

Close Encounters (50v50) and Steady Storm (Solo). In this mode, the storm steadily closes in over time.

Day 12

Challenges are Close Encounters (50v50) and High Explosives 50s (50v50). In this mode, you are only allowed explosive weapons.

Day 13

Challenges are High Explosives 50s (50v50) and High Explosives (Squads).

Day 14

Challenges are High Explosives 50s (50v50) and One Shot (Squads). In this mode, snipers are the only available weapons and you only have 50 bandages and health.

This list could change, as I have not been able to verify that it is correct. I also want to share an update on a new Dragon Ball movie that I am excited about.