Fortnite” fans are currently doing their best to compete with other opponents who are also completing Season 7 Week 3 challenges. While the week’s challenges are still ongoing, it appears that Epic Games is already gearing up for the upcoming weeks. That is, if the most recent leak from a trusted data miner is in any way consistent, then the upcoming challenges of the Battle Pass is already determined.

Latest Leak

Popular “Fortnite” data miner named lucas7yoshi recently uploaded to his Twitter account a new set of challenges that players will face in the Season 7 Week 4 of the popular title.

It is worth noting that this is the same leaker who gave us reliable leaks including the challenges for Season 7 Week 3 of the game. According to the data miner, the game developer recently updated the files of the game and he used this to uncover the new set of challenges for Week 4.

Week 4 Battle Pass Challenges

Challenge 1: the first set of challenges is composed of tasks in each stage. These tasks are designed for players to destroy things. In the first stage, you are going to destroy chairs. The second task requires you to destroy wooden utility poles. On the other hand, the third stage will ask you to destroy wooden pallets.

Challenge 2: the second set of challenges will ask you to locate on the map the different letters.

Challenge 3: the third challenge involves damage to Pickaxe.

Challenge 4: in the fourth challenge, you are going to eradicate everything at the Expedition Outposts.

Challenge 5: in this challenge, you will get kills either at Pleasant Park or at Happy Hamlet.

Challenge 6: it appears that this challenge only involves launching fireworks.

Challenge 7: in this seventh challenge, you have to utilize the X-4 Stromwing Plane in various matches.


There is a great chance that every challenge in Season 7 Week 4 of the game is most likely legitimate. However, we do not claim that all these are accurate. As you all know, Epic Games has a reputation of changing or revising these challenges in form or manner at the last minute.

It is always smart to take these leaks with a grain of salt until the official announcements are released by Epic Games or until the content are updated to the game.

14 Days of Fortnite

Aside from Season 7 Week 3 challenges, players are also busy these days completing the 14-day Christmas and New Year event. Recently, leaks on the details of the challenges as well as on the rewards flood the Internet. By this time, players who have read these articles already know the kind of tasks and rewards in store for them at the event.

The popular game “Fortnite” is playable on various platforms. You can play it on iOS, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.