The game developers of the much-awaited and highly anticipated game “The Last of Us 2” have been very silent ever since the game was confirmed to be released. However, over the course of time, fans are given snippets of details about what to expect from the title. The most recent is the statement posted by its creative director.

Latest news

On the social networking site Twitter, Creative Director of the much-awaited title “The Last of Us 2” revealed new information about the game. According to him, they just finished shooting one of the most heart-wrenching and complicated scenes.

The creative director teases that there are more coming next year but does not confirm if he is referring to the news or complicated and emotional scenes.

Druckmann also shared a picture showing Ellie played by Ashley Johnson and her love interest in the title, Dina played by Shannon Woodward. The picture showcases wearing their respective outfits in a full motion shot. If the upcoming sequel is something like its first instalment, fans should expect more emotional along with graphics, dark, and intense scenes.

The latest detail is refreshing news to many fans since the fandom has not heard anything from Sony Interactive Entertainment or from Naughty Dog. Many are expecting that the teams behind the title are going to share something about it during the PlayStation 4 Exclusive.

It was also confirmed that PlayStation is not going to be present during the 2019 E3.

New theme

While waiting for more juicy news about the highly-anticipated sequel, fans can get their hands on the free Burning Car Dynamic Theme for free.

This is only available to PlayStation 4 users. Fans can visit the PlayStation Store, which features the burning car scene taken from the title’s trailer released during the Paris Games Week last 2017. This is not a massive development for fans to swoon over, but, for now, this will suffice.

Check out the Burning Car Winter Fireplace video below.

This footage is an hour long loaded with fire effects as well as the sound of the burning car.

The Last of Us 2” is currently in development and will be exclusively released for PlayStation 4. At the time of this writing, no word about its release or even just its release window was revealed. Despite this, many fans are still looking forward that Naughty Dog will release the game in 2019. Let us hope that we will not have to wait until 2020 for the game to be released.