Bungie has released a new TWAB, where they revealed two changes that are set to go live in January. The developer even made some tweaks to the Forge, as players are irked about its power level requirements. That said, it may well seem that the game maker has silently buffed the Exotic drop rates in the game.

ForbesPaul Tassi brought this to light since he’s a “Destiny 2” player himself. Per his recent article, he noticed that the Exotic drops in the game are now more frequent after the Black Armory expansion went live. He added that after playing the new DLC for just two days (a total of 12-14 hours of play time according to him), he already got six Exotics.

I also wanted to share that a "Destiny 2" leaked scene shows the return of loot. Also, the matchmaking timer in Blind Well just got extended.

  • Eternal Warrior
  • Chromatic Fire
  • Trinity Ghoul
  • Vigilance Wing
  • Shards of Galanor
  • Telesto

Mixed opinions

Tassi stated that five of the items came from milestones, while the Shards of Galanor was obtained in one of his Forge attempts. Tassi even conducted a Twitter poll about this, and 42 percent voted that they noticed a change in the frequency of Exotic drops. Some of his followers pointed out, though, that the drops are duplicates for them.

Spider’s competitor

Meanwhile, Guardians have another reason to grind in the game, as Bungie has just opened the Gofannon Forge.

Alongside it is a new quest dubbed The Spider’s Competition. Light.gg had already revealed the questline, prior to the Gofannon release, though at the time of writing, some of the steps are still hidden within the API. Below are all of the quests.

Gather additional Tainted Gear

  • Collect tainted BA gear by eliminating Fallen with precision kills.
  • Eliminate bosses in both Strikes and Public events to get corrupted BA gear.

Deliver the Tainted Gear to Spider

  • Find clues about the mysterious group that’s making a push on Spider’s territory.
  • Spider will be lending Guardians a hand in locating the origin of the Tainted Gear.

Needle in the Tangled Shore

  • Find who the syndicate is in contact with as they are also active in the Tangled Shore.
  • Defeat with melee damage and capture a wanted Fallen that will be coming out of the cryo-pod in Thieves’ Landing.

The new syndicate’s identity

  • The Fallen will be dropping a clue that will reveal the identity of Spider’s competitor – Siviks.
  • Head to the EDZ where it is said that the tainted BA gear are sold

Scourge of the Armory

  • Trace down the origin of the Tainted Gear by checking out the Fallen caches in the EDZ.


Origin: Nessus

  • Sivik’s center of operation on Nessus has been revealed by intercepted operatives of the syndicate.
  • Investigate this so-called center of operation to trace the origin of the BA gear

Another lost Forge

  • Scanned BA crates show where these tainted gears are coming from – another lost Forge.
  • Locate the lost Forge on this area on Nessus


Be reminded that the above-mentioned quests might not be in the exact order.