One really can’t tell who are they going to come across in “Fortnite: Battle Royale,” though most of the time it’s the trolls that they meet. Some of the trolls are just there to mess around with other players. However, there’s a possibility that these players might be longing for attention and just want to start a conversation about their personal struggles.

Reddit user and “Fortnite” player u/OnlyOneKjaer recently made a lengthy post over on the FortNiteBR subreddit to detail his encounter with another teen player, who initially tried to troll him.

He didn't know that kid would open up to him as the match went on. Also, a response was given about the Infinity Blade being nerfed.

Per the OP, they were playing squads when the kid – whom he believed to be around 14 – began asking some basic stuff about “Fortnite.” This made Kjaer arrive at an assumption that the teen was trying to mess with him, and he started calling the kid out, saying, “Let me guess, you’re 14, you’re the class clown, and you’re trying to be funny now?” A dynamite glitch was also discovered.

Pretty good guess

The Redditor recalled that there was a pause before the kid responded with a chuckle and continued on acting like a noob before finally giving in. The teen stated that his guess was pretty much close and he revealed that he’s 13 and indeed a class clown.

He just wanted someone to talk to

They played a few more matches before the kid asked another question about whether he was funny, to which the OP replied positively Kjaer finally figured out what the kid’s true intention was when he was asked again by the teen if he was ever bullied in school. From there, the teen revealed to him the struggles that he’s experiencing in school and with his health.

The kid told him about his medical condition (Hirschsprung’s disease) that caused part of his intestines to be surgically removed, adding that he was getting bullied at school because of this.

Post gone viral

Before they parted ways, the teen thanked the OP for simply listening to him and went on to say that he was happy to vent those things.

Kjaer stated that he’s hoping that he made an impact on the troubled teen, adding that “Fortnite” brought him to the kid’s life just in time. Comic Book also covered the story, stating that the OP has been getting Reddit silver, gold, and platinum. Kjaer’s post is blowing up over on r/FortNiteBR, as it now has 32K upvotes. It already has 37 silvers, 16 golds, and six platinums, as well.