Fortnite’s” North American leg of its Winter Royale tournament has come to a close and Nolanlul bagged the $75,000 cash prize. However, the most talked about part of the tourney was Heat 2 Match 5 of the semi-finals where the player known as Xycik (Psychic) bagged that Victory Royale. A lot of people were not happy with the result as the player was able to acquire the insanely overpowered melee weapon – the Infinity Blade and sliced his way to winning the match. That said, the player has responded to the criticism that he’s been getting lately and threw in his two cents about the match.

Xycik’s response

The player recently took to the FortniteCompetitive subreddit to speak up about what happened. He pointed out that he made the post to defend himself and not the implementation of the blade since a lot of people from the “Fortnite” community view him as an unskilled player when he “mindlessly won the match” using the Infinity Blade.

Xycik stated that it wasn’t like he was trying to abuse the weapon, adding that he never tried to hot drop nor fight for the blade. He further explained that during the part of the match where he got the weapon, the other player who first took it ran after him from Shifty Shafts to Fatal Fields through a rift, though he managed to eliminate that player.

He went on, stating that others would definitely do the same if he chose not to take the weapon.

At the end of his post, he highlighted that it’s a tournament and everyone’s in it to win. He even went on stating, “if the weapon helps me win, then shouldn’t I take it?” Xycik also apologized to the players that he eliminated using the Infinity Blade and for picking it up.

Upcoming nerf

Meanwhile, Epic Games has announced that there will be some upcoming changes for the Infinity Blade. Per the developer’s Reddit post over on r/FortNiteBR, they are planning to implement the tweak on the V7.10 patch as they revealed that they’ll be removing the players’ ability to harvest materials and build while the weapon is equipped.

They added that by taking away such abilities, they are hoping to tune the weapon “to where it feels risky to have, but still satisfying to wield.”

Not satisfied

The game’s player base, on the other hand, is not satisfied with Epic’s move. A lot of them are suggesting the weapon should have a separate Limited Time Mode just like they did with Thanos, while there are others want to have it vaulted away.