Since the release of Rockstar’s Western-themed adventure shooter - “Red Dead Redemption 2,” players have been stumbling upon some glitches from time to time in the game that either irked them or gave them a few chuckles. That said, a couple of glitches have recently been discovered and one of them allowed a player to glitch through to a different location.

Someone from the Red Dead Redemption subreddit posted several images claiming that his recent game play glitched him through to Mexico. Redditor u/Coyotemation discovered some interesting stuff while he was there:

  • The Mexico terrain in “RDR2” is basically the terrain from the first game, adding that it may well seem that it just got ported over. He went on stating that the discovery “should put to rest the idea” of Rockstar making a Mexico map in future updates as it was revealed by the glitch that there’s no progress being made on the area.
  • The only detailed area on the map is El Presidio (The Prison), though he believes that this Mexican Army stronghold was just also a ported asset. He even noticed the number of crates on top of the watchtower is the same, adding that the textured details on the railing are similar to the first game.
  • The Redditor also stated that the desert portion of the map is "very lonely."

How he did it

For those who are still out of the loop on how to get there, u/Coyoteman stated that he started off on the map’s far west side near the Sea of Coronado in New Austin.

From there, players should check their map and look for a rock that is a bit out of place next to “na” of “Coronado.” Line up to it and cross the river and a ravine can be seen if done correctly. Players (on horseback) should be mindful though of the small rocks that are hidden along the ravine as these can send them off flying from their horses. The ravine will meet up at the end and this will be the trickiest part of the glitch.

The tricky part

Players need to position their horses on the merging point of the ravine and begin rushing towards it (run and the jump button).

The horse will eventually climb up and that’s the time to jump off the horse. The Redditor also pointed out that players will be somewhat fighting off an invisible barrier, adding that their horses will be left behind once they’ve managed to get inside. Spawning a cheat code would be the best way in getting a horse on this side of the map. Otherwise, it would take players quite some time for them to get to Mexico or even El Presidio.