"Fortnite's" patch v6.30 is live now and it has already brought a new legendary Mounted Turret trap and a limited-time Food Fight mode to the game, but that's not the only thing new in the game. Data miners explored the new game files and found tons of new cosmetic items as well as a new weapon in the game.

New outfits, gliders, backblings, and emotes

There are a total of five new skins added with the latest update, and all of them are listed below:

1. Riot (Rare)

Description: Defining the pre-post-punk-post-hardcore scene.


Maki Master (Rare)

Description: Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

This skin looks like the female counterpart of the Sushi Master outfit.

3. Taro (Epic)

Description: Protector of the wilds.

I've got to admit that this skin is worth Legendary Tier.

4. Elmira (Epic)

Description: She’ll literally charm you.


Castor (Epic)

Description: The wandering warlock of Wailing Woods.

This skin is the male counterpart of Elmira and both of them have a mysterious stone in their outfit. Both of the skins are mages/wizards and the description from Castor might be another hint that something is about to happen in Wailing Woods because right after the latest update, Wailing Woods' underground facility spawned a four-way teleportation junction and replaced the rift.

Earlier this week, players reported that they saw a weird castle in the rift, while others said that they saw snow-capped hills in it.

We know that season 7 of "Fortnite" will be released in the next month and a snow-covered map isn't going to be a surprise because Christmas is getting closer day by day. Enough with the theories, there are some weird and awesome-looking backblings and gliders added to the game as well, take a look:


Shrimpy (Rare) – Pack a tasty snack on your back. (This one's probably an addition to the Sushi set.)

2. Trusty Tusks (Epic) – Tufted and tusked (Taro's backbling.)

3. Tome Pouch (Epic) – Long forgotten lore. (Looks like Elmira concocts potions.)

4. Spellbinder (Epic) – Arcane apparel. (A really cool back bling, but will "Fortnite ever get magical weapons?)

The new gliders include Magic Wings, Hyper, Flappy Flyer, and Flying Carp.

New harvesting tools: Nightslicer, Spellslinger, Gatekeeper, and Scrambler.

New item and LTM

According to FNBR, the new item called "Dynamite" is going to be released in the next week, during the Wild West LTM. The Wild West LTM is going limit weapons to Hunting Rifles, Shotguns, and Dynamites.