Several issues within “Destiny 2” have been addressed in the recent This Week at Bungie, not to mention that they also deployed a patch ( in response to a bug that barred players from receiving the Lost Cryptarch quest from Amanda Holliday. That said, some Guardians have experienced a bug in the game where the Malfeasance quest just went poof on them.

Reddit user u/wrakas is just one of the players who got struck by such misfortune as he recently took to the game’s subreddit to call the attention of Bungie to have them look into this emerging issue.

Per the OP, he stated that when he logged into his account, the Malfeasance quest just disappeared adding that it’s not in the Drifter either. What’s even more painful is that he was so close in completing the quest as he was just 15 invasion kills away from acquiring the hand cannon.

It’s been there for quite some time now

U/wrakas was also able to gather several links of previous posts from fellow Guardians that experienced the same issue. It may well seem that the this has been in the game for quite a while now as the earliest link dates way back in early October.

Forbes’ Paul Tassi was the first to cover the story as he stated in his article that both the Redrix Broadsword and Luna’s Howl Crucible quests have also gone missing.

He pointed out, though, that these can be repurchased from the one-horned Lord Shaxx. He even stated that he also saw a post about a Thunderlord quest that got erased as well.

Tassi also noted that the issue “may be happening periodically to players over the last few weeks.” For the uninitiated, he too is a fan of the game and by the time he learned of the ongoing issue, he immediately went on to check his own account.

Fortunately, the quests are still there.

Anon’s two cents

Meanwhile, the “D2” community is pretty much aware of Activision’s announcement that the game’s “Forsaken” expansion failed to meet its expectations financially. This got fans quite irked towards the game publisher as they stated that the DLC is the best thing that happened so far in the online-only shooter.

Known “D2” data miner u/AnonTheNine threw in his two cents about it in his recent Reddit post.

Per Anon, Bungie has all the creative control on “Destiny” adding that the game publisher can’t even have a word on the marketing of “D2.” He also responded to folks who are criticizing Activision stating that instead of rolling out false information and if they don’t know anything about the situation, it is better to not comment at all.