The new updates for the PS4 exclusive "Spider-Man" video game will feature more side quests in the upcoming first DLC, "The Heist." The trophy achievements of the DLC revealed new Screwball side missions for the game that will challenge players to a certain degree of difficulty.

Insomniac Games also responded to the puddle stickers that were added to the game's updated Photo Mode. "Spider-Man" is currently available in the PlayStation 4 console and it features players in the shoes of Peter Parker as he protects New York City from criminals and super villains while trying to have a normal life.

However, his already complicated life takes another spin as new nemesis rises to terrorize the city.

Screwball returns

According to Push Square, the new trophy achievements for "The Heist" DLC revealed new Screwball challenges for Spider-Man to complete and its setup will be similar to the Taskmaster challenges. Screwball is a minor villain in the game and was first introduced in "The Screwball Challenge" side quest wherein Spidey tracks down posted codes around the city and takes photos of them to unlock the next challenge.

What Spidey did not count on, is that Screwball is a teenager obsessed with getting more views for her streaming channel to the point that she kidnaps civilians and hire thugs to fight Peter.

The players eventually stop her dangerous game, but Screwball will return to give Peter more headaches with her new challenges.

"The Heist" DLC will feature the return of Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) and Spidey must uncover the mystery behind it. The DLC will also provide new crime challenges and three new Spidey costumes for players to unlock.

Game writer Jon Paquette told Polygon in a previous interview that the DLC chapters will have a fresh new take in the web-slinger's story after they finished the main plot with Mister Negative and Doctor Octopus.

The puddle controversy

Insomniac Games released a new patch update for "Spider-Man" and featured the addition of a New Game Plus mode, the Ultimate difficulty mode, and new stickers for Photo Mode.

However, what caught the eyes of the players is the addition of puddle stickers in the game.

User interface lead designer Gil Doron posted a photo on Twitter featuring the puddle stickers and IGN reported that this was their response to the downgraded issues of the game before its release date. Players commented that Insomniac downgraded the graphics of the final product and compared it to the E3 2017 demo video.