Recently, Niantic added a Steel-type mythical Pokemon made of a liquid metal known as Meltan to the game. The monster belongs to a new species known as hex nut. However, it has the ability to generate electricity due to its metallic body and fluid shape. Reportedly, this new monster will also have an evolution.

According to reports, catching this newly added “Pokemon GO” first exclusive Pokemon has been a challenge for players. The good news is that two of the Pokemon world’s most esteemed professors, Willow and Oak have revealed how to catch the tiny steel monster with time-limited transfers.

The mystery box

The Kanto Region Professor Oak and Pokemon GO Professor Willow have been conducting research into how to catch the mythical Pokemon, Meltan. During their research, Professor Oak discovered a metallic box made up of the same metal as the newly added liquid metallic Pokemon.

From his discovery, it was obvious that the Mysterious Metal Box will contribute greatly to the player's ability to catch the steel Pokemon. In order to get the Mysterious Metal Box, players will transfer a Pokemon from “Pokemon GO” to the Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let’s GO.

After the first transfer, players will be rewarded with the Mysterious Metal Box. According to Polygon, subsequent transfers offer players more amazing rewards such as Candies.

The box closes after a short while and can only be reopened after a Pokemon has been transferred from the mobile device to Nintendo Switch after a period of time.

How to catch Meltan

According to Professor Oak’s research and discovery, opening the Mystery Box will cause many Meltan to appear, and then players can battle and capture it to fill out their Pokemon GO Pokedex.

After battling and capturing it, the Mysterious Box closes.

According to Games Radar, transferring a pokemon from mobile to consoles will cause it to open again for more Meltan to be captured. Surprisingly, the same Meltan can be transferred back to Pokemon Let’s GO and caught once again. Although the process seems to be complicated, the truth is that all efforts channeled towards catching this ultra-rare creature are worth it.

Also, after the release of the Nintendo Switch Games, Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Eevee on November 16, players will be able to catch Meltan in the wild. In fact, Niantic is planning to reward players who are deeply involved in the game’s Research Quest with access to the steel monster. Although no one knows how good or useful Meltan could be, it appears that there is more to the steel monster than meets the eye.