The latest updates for "Resident Evil 2" reveal the return of four classic "Resident Evil" characters in the revamped sequel. Capcom streamed a new story trailer at this year's Tokyo Game Show event as the video showcases the appearances of fan-favorite femme fatale, Ada Wong, and the mysterious Birkin family.

Capcom also revealed an extended gameplay of Claire Redfield's campaign during the event. The revamped sequel first made its debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event and it featured redesigned appearances of characters and gameplay structures using the RE Engine from "RE7."

RE2 story trailer at TGS 2018

According to Gematsu, the story trailer for "Resident Evil 2" starts with Claire's first meeting with Sherry Birkin at the underground tunnels of the Raccoon City Police Department HQ.

Claire asked about Sherry's parents and told them they worked from Umbrella. William Birkin infected himself with the G-Virus and has mutated into a horrible and mindless monster, while his wife, Annette, tries to figures out a way to escape the city and Umbrella with her daughter.

The TGS 2018 trailer also revealed Leon S. Kennedy's first meeting with Ada Wong who now sports a new look in the revamped sequel. Ada rescues Leon from being eaten by a zombie dog and the two worked together to investigate the mystery behind the T-Virus outbreak. In the original game, Ada is a corporate spy from a rival company and her mission is to collect every bit of information about the G-Virus.

Capcom previously stated that the new "RE2" game will no longer have the zapping system from the original, but they will still try to keep both Leon and Claire's campaign separate and at the same time see them together within the story.

The video game publisher also added that the story will be more "dramatic" than the original and video game fans will notice the subtle changes within each event.

Extended Claire campaign

According to Dualshockers, Capcom showcased an extended gameplay demo fo Claire's campaign a TGS 2018. Fans first saw the demo at Gamescom 2018 and it featured the sequel's first boss fight with William Birkin.

Claire is equipped with three weapons: a revolver handgun, shotgun, and grenade launcher.

Players will try to weaken and escape from William as Claire rescues Sherry and escape the boiler room. The two ended up in the parking lot but were held down by RPD's corrupt police chief, Brian Irons. "Resident Evil 2" will launch on January 25, 2019, for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.