The latest updates for "Resident Evil 2" reveal new details about the game's Story Mode as Capcom told Dengeki Online (via WCCFTech) that it will be more dramatic than the original game from the PlayStation 1 era. The Japanese video game publisher also announced that they will showcase another gameplay demo at this year's Tokyo Game Show event on September.

"Resident Evil 2" made its debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Capcom used the RE Engine from "RE7" to recreate the character designs and environment to cater both die-hard "RE" fans and beginners who have never played the original.

Leon Kennedy's gameplay was featured at E3 2018, while Claire Redfield was featured at Gamescom last week.

New changes to 'Resident Evil 2's' story

According to WCCFTech, game producer Tsuyoshi Kanda, and director Kazunori Kadoi told Dengeki Online that the revamped "Resident Evil 2" Story Mode will be more "dramatic" than the original version as they try to shuffle certain events within the story to have an interesting effect. Among these changes are the introductions of RPD chief Brian Irons and senior officer Marvin Branagh. Both men agreed that these changes will be worth it once video game fans play the whole game.

The Capcom developers also discussed several new changes that they made prior to the Gamescom demo.

The first one is the William Birkin boss fight, in which Claire first fights him at the RPD HQ boiler room. Kanda and Kadoi stated that the boss fight was customized for short play time and they wanted to showcase the weapons during the battle. In the actual scenario, players will not be as loaded as they were in the demo and they wanted to emphasize the power of the G-Virus.

Weapon usage is divided into two categories: Main Weapons and Sub Weapons. The Main Weapons include handguns, shotguns, machine guns etc., while Sub Weapons include combat knives and grenades. Gunpowder from "RE7" is added to the revamped sequel and players can make powerful bullets when combining two or three sets of it.

Herb combinations also return to the game and they help players replenish their full health, or cure poison effects.

Zombies are much harder to kill in the game and they aim to make the players' feel nervous and scared during the encounter.

Tokyo Game Show appearance confirmed

According to, Capcom announced that they will discuss more details about "RE2" at the Tokyo Game Show event on September 20-23. They have prepared a set of gameplay demos for Leon and Claire for players to try on during the event.

Other Capcom games that will be showcased include "Devil May Cry 5," "Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection," and "Mega Man 11."