The latest updates for "Cyberpunk 2077" reveal new details of the weapons in the game's combat system. CD Projekt RED game developers, Philipp Weber and Kyle Rowley, explained the usage of Smart Guns in combat and how they are different from standard guns in the game.

Quest designer Patrick Mills also revealed his reasons for incorporating a first-person camera view in the game during an interview with Dualshockers (via GameSpot). "Cyberpunk" is a sci-fi RPG video game produced by CD Projekt RED after they finished with "The Witcher" franchise. Players assume the role of a mercenary named V as they try to survive the hard and cruel world of Night City.

Smart Guns vs Regular Guns

According to VGR, Philipp Weber and Kyle Rowley stated that the weapons in "Cyberpunk 2077" will be divided into two categories: Regular and Smart. Regular weapons will be a standard usage for the player, while the Smart ones have special modifications that can be a game-changer during combat.

While they explained that they are still figuring out how the weapons are effective during combat, Riley explained that using Smart Guns may require a piece of tech for V to utilize its effects and killing potential.

“In order to actually use smart guns you will need a specific connection to the gun via a piece of cyberware,” Riley said in the Q&A forums. "That will unlock the ability to use the targeting system that will actually multi-highlight the enemies, so when you pull the trigger the bullets track them."

The Gamescom demo showcased a little bit of a gunfight action sequence and V uses a modified handgun that uses homing bullets to kill the target even if they hide behind a wall.

The Smart Guns can be upgraded to be more powerful and effective against certain enemy types adding an RPG element into it.

CD Projekt RED on the first-person camera view

According to GameSpot, Patrick Mills and the rest of the developers stated that they will stand by their decision of having a first-person camera view for "Cyberpunk 20177" despite the fans' negative response to it.

Mills told Dualshockers that they are testing out new features that will cater to video game fans, who are not very fond of first-person Video Games. The developers always discuss the freedom the players will experience when they play the game and this experience help progress throughout the entire story.

It was previously reported that the game will not add a Companion System, but players will have other NPC characters like Jackie to accompany V in the main story. "Cyberpunk 2077" will be available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.